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Marcus in the Pink Blazer
Feb 24, 2015
Photo: The Man in the Pink Blazer
Today’s reader photo comes from Marcus, who makes a pink blazer look good. What’s he wearing? We asked Marcus about his look, and here’s what he told us: My shirt and blazer was purchased from Destination XL, the tie is from Maurizio – purchased at d&k men’s wear, and glasses by Aldo. Share your style...
David in the snow
Feb 20, 2015
Photo: Styled by Children
David sent us this photo via Instagram, and I liked the idea so much, I wanted to share it with you today. Why? Because of his stylist. Read below. So via Facebook, some friends shared a post about @summerbellessa and her sons styling her fits for a week. I thought it would be fun to...
James R. Sanders at the Met
Feb 17, 2015
Photo: James R. Sanders at the Met
We’re kicking off a shortened week with a photo via Instagram from writer and stylist for Vogue Italy, Glamour, and Huffington Post, James R. Sanders. Here’s a man of size who embraces fashion and incorporates it into his own personal style. Learn more about him at his site, Styled By James. Says James: At the #MET...
Sash Designs
Feb 11, 2015
Photo: Plus Size? No Problem
Today’s reader photo comes from @sash_designs, a blogger, graphic designer, and stylish man of size based in the Kuwait. What’s Sash Wearing? T-shirt: Horiyoshi the Third (Sizes to XXL) Jeans: Centrepoint Blazer: Mubarakiya Shops Shoes: Balenciaga Glasses: Armani Share the world that big and tall men have style – share your photos with Chubstr. Submit a...
Jason out and about
Feb 10, 2015
Photo: Hanging with Jason
Our reader photo of the day comes from Jason, a Toronto based actor/writer/model. You might recognize him from the work he’s done with big & tall clothing brand Parker & Pine. He’s an all-around great guy! Follow Jason on Instagram at @jonesin. Want to share a photo with us? Just tag #chubstr on your favorite social...
David from Instagram
Feb 04, 2015
Photo: Rebel Photography
This morning’s reader photo comes from David, who shared a photo by tagging it with #chubstr on Instagram. Check him out over there – @leelee0921. Want us to feature your photo? Tag it with #chubstr on your favorite social network, or send it directly to us here.
It's Luq
Feb 03, 2015
Photo: Meet Luq
Today’s reader photo submission comes to us from Luq, who you’ll find on Instagram as @trulogiq. He’s a fan of Suavecito pomade, cuffed jeans, and all-around good looks. Are you on Instagram? Share your photo with us by tagging it with #chubstr. Tell us what you’re wearing so we can tell other readers about it....
Staying Cool in the Cold
Jan 23, 2015
Photo: Staying Cool in the Cold
Staying cool in the cold! Coat: Gap Shirt: H&M Gloves, Bag and Watch: Aldo Show off your big and tall winter style by submitting a photo to Chubstr. Just tag us with @chubstr or #chubstr on your favorite social network, or send us your photo by clicking here. Be sure to tell us what you’re...
Textures, Layers, and Colors
Jan 05, 2015
Photo: Textures, Layers, and Colors
Justin Ray Stringer is back with a new photo, and it’s a good one: Textures, layers, and colors—I love winter! Get Justin’s Look Click the images below to recreate Justin’s look in your size: Share YOUR style with the world – tag @chubstr or #chubstr on your favorite social network or send us a photo...
Me and McConaughey
Dec 24, 2014
Photo: Me and McConaughey
This photo comes to us from Jordan D, who didn’t want to show off his face, instead spotlighting his look and reminding me that I still need to read last month’s GQ. Find out how he put together the look below. What’s Jordan Wearing? Black Straight Jeans – Macy’s (Sizes to 60) Levi’s Black Jacket...