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Antonio at NYC Pride 2015
Jun 29, 2015
Photo: Antonio at NYC Pride 2015
Our friend Antonio capped off a historic week by attending New York City Pride sporting the perfect look for summer. Read our recent conversation with him, where we talk about his job as a Broadway costume designer, and big guy style in NYC. Share your style with the world – add #chubstr to your photo on...
Bryan A. Williams
Feb 02, 2015
Photo: Pink Polo Bandit
This photo comes to us from Bryan A. Williams, who is rocking the Polo shirt and boaters. See more of his style on Instagram – @bpeculiarmusic Show the World Big Guys Have Style Share your style like Bryan did – send us your photo! Tag @chubstr on your favorite social network, or send a photo...
Hello Gents
Oct 01, 2014
Photo: Two Well-Dressed Young Men
Today’s reader photo was submitted via our Facebook page, and though there’s no info on specifically what they’re wearing, the looks were too good not to post. Meet Jason (on the right) and Daniel (on the right). Share your style with the world – submit a photo to Chubstr. Tell us who you are, what...
Nikko Returns
Sep 26, 2014
Photo: Nikko’s Big and Tall Fashion Findings
Nikko returns with a new look and a familiar complaint for many of us: Most of the time when I see plus size men’s fashion, it consists of men that are still smaller than me. I’m 6’0 and 285 lbs of man! It can be a bit more difficult to find nice clothes that fit...
Life On The Plus Side: Year One
May 27, 2013
Photo: One Year of Excellence
Hi there, Chubstr!  I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started contributing to your site!  It has been a busy year for me and I’ve had to always consider functionally stylish clothes for my everyday wear.   On me in this photo are:  Hat from Zara, Button-down long-sleeved shirt and slim-fit khakis from Debenhams, sportswatch...
Jorge out on the town
Apr 25, 2013
Photo: On the Street With Jorge
 Today's reader photo comes from Jorge, who looks like he's ready for just about anything. Chambray Shirt: American Eagle Jacket: Urban Outfitters Pants: H&M   Share your style with Chubstr by submitting a photo, and show the world that big guys have style.     
Johnathan's big birthday
Nov 17, 2012
Photo: This is Growing Up
Our man Johnathan is back and he recently reached a major milestone: Turned 41 this last week.  Someone sent me this Benetton hoodie as a present so I put together this picture to say thank you.  The black shirt is from Maine and the glass frames from a shop called Pixel8. Show your style by...
Chubstr Photo Submission: Formal Occasion
Jun 30, 2012
Photo: Formal Occasion
Today’s photo submission comes from a gent sporting a more formal look. Here’s how he put it together: Suit : Ralph Lauren Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger Bowtie: Vintage Shoes : Banana Republic Share your look with Chubstr by sending us photos. Tell us who you are, what you’re wearing, and where you bought it. This helps other big...
Jun 27, 2012
Photo: Chilly Chill!
Today’s reader photo comes to us courtesy of Cakesquares, who had nothing to say except:  Chilly Chill!! Send us your photos and we’ll show the world your style. Tell us who you are, what you’re wearing and where you got it. This helps other guys find the looks they like. Click here to send us...
Here's Cliff
Mar 15, 2012
A Year in Submissions: Cliff was Ready for Anything
It’s Chubstr’s birthday so we’re bringing you content this week that we’ve dubbed ‘the best of the last year.’ Today, we begin a series of our favorite photo submissions from our first year. We love getting submissions here and on our Tumblr. What’s more, we love sharing those submissions with you not only to show the many ways...
Simone Pastoors
Emmie Wolting
[…] with the world – send a photo to Chubstr by using #chubstr on your favorite social network, or by sending us a pic here. Tell us who you are and what you’re wearing, so other guys can find the looks they […]
Photo: Introducing Aldo Marcucci | Chubstr
I've shopped old navy and seems like they are one of the only people that try remotely to cater to plus size mens clothing, however i find their jeans fit wonderful through the thigh area but not so much through the legs... i wear a 46 to where the jeans fit they look good, but i have found that the leg area they use too much fabric... even when I've tried their slim & skinny jeans. I just wish that they would test more and try making them look more tailored, without them being to tight or to big through the leg. I feel like a lot of stores really don't pay attention to this side of the size spectrum, probably because it costs them money. You don't see very many extended sizes in store for some reason and what you do find a lot of the time is over sized generic clothing basically drapes which seems like they guessed at what the size it might look like. Although stores like Casual Male XL has decent clothing... and you can find most extended sizes, its completely over priced, and since I'm young i do feel like they don't have styles current with younger generations, feel sorta like shopping with my dad. Although  it might seem like I'm bitter, not gonna lie kinda am I'll take what i can get and make it work, just wish some of these companies would pay us big guys and gals a little more attention and give us something stylish current and with a great fit!
I love wearing socks but sometimes wanna try to not wearing it but still doesn't find the shoes that match with pants. Yea brogues is nice. Great explanation and answers U0001f44d
Azharul Azhar
Yeah Mathew!
Azharul Azhar