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Chuey Martinez
Sep 16, 2015
Style Deconstructed: Chuey Martinez Shows Us Mexican/Dominican Swag
Radio and TV host Chuey Martinez is a prime example of a man who knows his style, and rocks it. If you’re not following him on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Get Chuey’s Look Like his look? Here’s how you can make something similar: Hat: Young and Reckless Jacket: ASOS Shirt:...
DIY Big & Tall Summer Wedding Style
Sep 20, 2013
Style Deconstructed: End of Summer Big and Tall Wedding Attire
For big guys, creating a look in the style you want and the size you need can be a difficult, time-consuming experience. You know how hard it is to put together a casual look that works, but what if you’re looking for big and tall wedding attire? That’s even more difficult, especially if that look...
Style Deconstructed: Nuno Gama
Feb 16, 2012
Style Deconstructed: Nuno Gama
Welcome to the first installment of a new feature we’re calling Style Deconstructed. As a bigger guy, I see many looks I’d like to wear, but I can’t get in my size. Many of you have told us that you have the same problem. Each week, Style Deconstructed will take one of our favorite looks,...