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The big men of Pitti90
Jun 17, 2016
Plus Size Men’s Fashion Inspiration at Pitti Uomo 90
Pitti Uomo 90, the Florence menswear trade show has come and gone, and as always, there was a lot of street style on display to take inspiration from. Men large and small converged upon the event, wearing their brightest, most refined, and just plain quirky styles that most certainly matched their personalities. We teamed up...
Samuel Hubbard Free Limited Shoe
May 26, 2016
The Gent: Style and Comfort With Samuel Hubbard Shoes
The search for the perfect shoe feels endless. It needs to be comfortable, yet stylish. Affordable, yet well made. And unique, without looking well, weird. Samuel Hubbard shoes pretty much look like your typical stylish dress shoe, but slip them on and find that their comfort is far beyond any dress shoe you’ve worn before. Begun as what...
N. Maxwell Lander collaborates with Chubstr
May 25, 2016
This Photographer Offers a Positive View of Stylish Plus Size Men
We’re all well aware of the glaring lack of plus size male representation in media, magazines, and advertising. Though this is changing little by little, there aren’t a lot of places to go to see compelling high quality photos of guys looking great and feeling good about what they’re wearing. That’s why we’re kicking off a monthly collaboration with...
JCRT releases collection of plaid shirts
May 12, 2016
Chubstr Exclusive: JCRT Launches Plaid Shirts
You’ve seen these guys before, wearing their signature plaid shirts fitted so perfectly you could cry. You’re dying to get your hands on one just like it, one that fits your body type, but it’s been almost impossible to find. Until now. For the last 10 years, Costello Tagliapietra has been crafting couture dresses for...
Aki Choklat Expands His Accessories Offerings
Apr 25, 2016
Aki Choklat On His Expanded Shop, Fashion in Detroit
Internationally renowned footwear and accessories designer Aki Choklat just launched a new line of accessories, expanding the offerings in his online shop, He chatted with us via Skype about the new line, how your style evolves as you age, and the two types of shoe every guy needs in his closet. What motivated you...
Mar 21, 2016
Zach Miko Talks Becoming a Plus Size Male Model, Dispelling Big Guy Myths
Last week, actor, comedian, and model Zach Miko became the first plus size male model to sign with IMG Models new Brawn division. I chatted with Zach about signing with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, becoming the face of the plus size men’s modeling movement, and dispelling one of the most annoying big guy myths. ...
Feb 23, 2016
Colasso Wants to Sell You a T-Shirt that Actually Fits
Though sometimes it seems to move at a snail’s pace, the men’s plus size clothing industry is growing. Over the past few years, we’ve started to see small, independent brands pop up, selling underwear, denim, and t-shirts in extended sizes. Fort Lauderdale, FL based Colasso is one such brand, putting their focus on big and tall men’s...
Chuey Martinez at the Latin Grammys
Feb 17, 2016
Style Deconstructed: Chuey Martinez Rocks the Red Carpet
It’s another installment of Style Deconstructed – the feature that takes a solid look found out in the wild, and shows you how to recreate it. This time around, it’s our man, radio and TV host Chuey Martinez, on the red carpet at the Latin Grammys late last year.  Get Chuey’s Look Here’s how Chuey did...
Four in Hand Accessories Review
Jan 26, 2016
Four in Hand Shows Us How Accessories Can Make the Man
Accessories. A thing added to another thing to make it more functional, versatile, or appealing. Four in Hand: A common knot used to tie a necktie. Also a company that curates four-piece accessory boxes for men interested in adding a bit of flourish to the standard uniform of shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes. You see,...
Plus Size Men's Street Style at Pitti Uomo 2016
Jan 18, 2016
Plus Size Men’s Street Style at Pitti Uomo 2016
Pitti Uomo 2016 finished on Friday, and with the help of our friends at BearFLAVOURED, we were able to bring you the best best plus size men’s street style from the premiere menswear event in Florence, Italy. If you haven’t already, head over to the Chubstr Instagram to see what we shared. Now that it’s all...