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Parallel Revolution organic hemp shirts
Dec 11, 2014
Parallel Revolution Makes Organic Hemp Look Good
When many people hear the phrase “organic hemp clothing,” they probably think about clothes for hippies. Turns out, you can make more than one kind of look with the fabric. Meet Parallel Revolution, a California based clothing brand specializing in great looking organic hemp shirts. A few months ago, the company did a photo shoot with two of...
So You Want to Smoke a Pipe?
Dec 09, 2014
The Well-Rounded Gent: So You Want to Smoke a Pipe
The Well-Rounded Gent is the Chubstr feature that focuses on the finer things in life. From fashion to grooming to etiquette, we cover it here. This week, we take a look at smoking tobacco in a fancy pipe with someone who knows all about it – Scott Spolverino from In With Bacchus.  The briar pipe is a luxurious...
The Gent's Guide to Dressing for Thanksgiving
Nov 25, 2014
The Young Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing for Thanksgiving Dinner
Well you did it. Graduated from college in the spring, got a job that uses that degree over the summer, and all through fall you’ve been buying your “first adult” everything. Now it’s Thanksgiving, the first holiday you get to go home and rub all of the above in your underachieving cousin’s face. You’re living the...
Win a Year's Supply of Boxers from Swag & Valor
Win a Year’s Supply of Boxers from Swag & Valor
There aren’t many brands out there focusing exclusively on big and tall clothing, so when we come across one, we’ve got to spread the word. From the Pacific Northwest comes Swag & Valor, a company dedicated to helping big men find comfortable clothing they actually want to wear. How Swag & Valor Started Like some of the...
Parker & Pine dress shirts for big men
Nov 20, 2014
Help Parker & Pine Bring Style to Big & Tall Shirts
Remember Parker & Pine? They’re the Canadian brand making boxers with a mission to help big men look their best by focusing on solving the problems that men of size have with most of the clothing they wear. Now they’re taking that problem solving knowhow from boxers to premium dress shirts, and they need your help. They’ve...
Diversity Now 2014 with Bruce from Chubstr
Oct 17, 2014
If you missed the original announcement, I’m very excited to be on the panel for Ryerson University School of Fashion’s Diversity NOW 2014 event. We’ll be discussing the state of diversity in fashion with some amazing people like Marie Denee and Dr. Ben Barry (who will be serving as moderator). I’m really excited to meet everyone and have the...
Corbin Chamberlin-Randall answers your questions
Sep 13, 2014
Ask Corbin: Snobby Salespeople, White After Labor Day and Short-Span
A few years ago, I wrote a story about Chubstr for The New York Times, in which I examined the history and content of the site, as well as my own struggles with squeezing, stretching and searching for clothes that fit my more-than-husky frame. After a round of appearances on morning TV shows, interviews and...
Wolverine Orville Desert Boot
Sep 01, 2014
A Big Guy Puts Wolverine 1883 Boots to the Test
Until recently, I spent most of my life painfully unaware that when it comes to footwear, the details matter. The look, the fit, the level of comfort – all deserve consideration when choosing a new pair of shoes. I spent years wearing ill-fitting sneakers that I thought went with everything, but really didn’t. Since starting Chubstr, I’ve...
Duluth Trading Co Boxer Briefs
Aug 05, 2014
Getting comfortable in the Buck Naked Boxer Brief
As you can imagine designing underwear is no easy task. Unlike the majority of the clothing we wear, underpants serve more than just one function. Even the dead simple classic boxer short is a multi-tasker. It not only acts as a layer of restraint for the manhood it surrounds, it also absorbs moisture, prevents chafing,...
DXL Blog!
Jul 31, 2014
Have You Seen the Destination XL Blog Lately?
Did you know there’s another blog out there covering style for big guys? It’s hosted by none other than Destination XL, the big and tall clothing retailer. DXL launched their blog last year, with a focus on fashion, lifestyle, tips and shopping for men of size. The company offers articles that run the spectrum from the...