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King & Stone Shoes
Oct 23, 2016
King & Stone, a Shoe for All Seasons
King & Stone — who dub themselves “The next big thing in men’s shoes” may be right. The shoe subscription service offers stylish shoes for every season at an affordable price. Need shoes for fall? Sign up for King & Stone’s seasonal subscription service by telling them your size and preferred style, then you’ll be...
Fish tests out the Hey Dude Wally Shoe
Sep 14, 2016
Fish Takes a (Long) Walk in Hey Dude Shoes
It all started with a perfectly aimed sidebar ad on favorite website. The click-through opened a door to a land of mildly curious looking shoes being sold at reasonable prices. Further exploration led to the discovery of a shoe called Wally, and that where the love affair with Hey Dude Shoes began. Wally is part...
The Well-Rounded Gent: CP Slippers
Aug 17, 2016
The Well-Rounded Gent: You Need CP Slippers
Hi. My name is Fish and I am a slipper-slut. This is something I’ve been coming to terms with for almost a year, and it feels like the right time to come out of this particular closet. It hasn’t always been like this, but it is nearly certain that it’ll be like this for the...
Teva Terra Float Universal Review
Aug 06, 2016
Adventure time with the Teva Terra Float Universal
Summer really feels like the season of opportunity. The world just opens up and relaxes a little, settling into a groove of warm weather, beach adventures, and hiking new trails. With this in mind, the search for the ultimate summer adventure shoe began, and where this quest ended up should really come as no surprise....
Samuel Hubbard Free Limited Shoe
May 26, 2016
The Gent: Style and Comfort With Samuel Hubbard Shoes
The search for the perfect shoe feels endless. It needs to be comfortable, yet stylish. Affordable, yet well made. And unique, without looking well, weird. Samuel Hubbard shoes pretty much look like your typical stylish dress shoe, but slip them on and find that their comfort is far beyond any dress shoe you’ve worn before. Begun as what...
GE + Android Homme Moon Boots
Jul 17, 2014
Mark the Moon Landing with Stylish Sneakers from GE + Android Homme
It’s been 45 years since the Apollo mission to the moon, and to celebrate, GE has teamed up with footwear company Android Homme to “update” the shoe for today’s style focused consumer (or space enthusiast). The high tech sneakers are made using stabilized carbon fiber and a water resistant coating normally found in jet engines....
Answerland: Shoes for big guys, compression shirts, and personal stylists
Mar 07, 2014
Answerland: Fat Guy Shoes, Personal Stylists & Compression Gear
Sturdy Shoes for Big Guys Catherine asked: My boyfriend is a big guy (over 330lbs) and wears through his shoes rather quickly.  He’s needed a pair of Ecco slip-on dress shoes resewn and has now worn out one rubber sole much that it’s cracked. On a pair of Bostonian dress shoes he got from Nordstrom Rack,...
Best fall shoes under $100
Oct 08, 2013
Fall Favorite Shoes for $100 or Less
For me, there are two sure signs that fall has arrived: The leaves begin to change color, and the boat shoes I purchased at the beginning of summer have finally given up. Retiring those bad boys means that I’m in the market for some new shoes for fall, preferably that cost less than $100. After...
Answerland: Shoes for big guys, compression shirts, and personal stylists
Sep 17, 2013
The Well-Rounded Gent: Lace Your Shoes Like a Pro
The Well-Rounded Gent brings you higher end style for the big and tall man. This week, we’re targeting your shoes to show you how using a non-traditional lacing method can help you look a bit more put together.  When you’re trying to project a well-groomed and finished look, it’s the small details that make it...
Save 20% on high end shoes at Topman
Nov 03, 2012
Get 20% Off High Quality Shoes at Topman
Topman is synonymous with the latest in men’s fashion, so you might think of the site as expensive and restrictive when it comes to sizes. While tops stop at XXL and pants at 38, their shoe selection has a bit more variety, with sizes to 13. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they’re offering...