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Get Gatsby Tees in Your Size
May 11, 2013
Out of Print Gives You Your Gatsby Fix in T-Shirt Form
When I first came across Out of Print Clothing, I loved everything about the site, except for the fact that they didn't offer shirts in extended sizes. The online store, which sells products featuring amazing classic and out of print book covers (everything from Charlotte's Web to Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas), now carries sizes...
Matthew takes a closer look at Taylor Byrd clothing
Nov 09, 2012
Bird is the Word: Tailor Byrd
There are so many ways a button down shirt can go wrong. From rough fabrics to floppy collars, the margin for error is high. So what should a guy look for in a good quality button down? Think high grade, soft, breathable fabric, collars that stay put, and a well-tailored fit. Since 2003, Tailor Bryd has...
Carhartt does more than workshirts
Oct 01, 2012
Carhartt: More Than Workshirts
If you’re like most people, when you hear Carhartt, you think of premium workwear, boots, and protective gear. The kind of stuff people wear when they work around open flame, or out in the elements. You may be surprised to find that they offer more than just workwear – they also carry great looking casual...
30% off at Original Penguin
Jun 26, 2012
Get 30% Off All Orders at Original Penguin
This shirt has sleeves, you say. It’s 93 degrees outside, you say. You’re right. It’s hot out and we’re showing you this awesome big & tall woven shirt from Original Penguin. You’re seeing this shirt because it is available in sizes to 4XLT and you can get it (and anything else on their site) at...
Threadless 12 Club
Sep 29, 2011
Stay Up To Your Eyeballs in Tees with Threadless’ 12 Club
Threadless wants you to get rid of those old, ratty tees you’ve been holding on to and get into some new ones with their subscription service, the 12 Club. As a subscriber, you get a new, limited edition tee send to you every month for an entire year. Never heard of Threadless? They’re a community-based company...
Indochino Buy 2 Shirts Get 1 Free
Aug 11, 2011
Buy Any 2 Shirts and Get 1 Free at Indochino
Indochino keeps impressing us with their new products and their sales, so it’s no surprise there’s a new promotion to tell you about. Until August 14th, when you buy any two shirts, you get one free if you use the code SUMMERSHIRTS. This is a good way to add to your wardrobe for not a...
Jul 26, 2011
Indochino Offers 16 New Shirts For Fall
  Our friends at Indochino have just released their largest collection of shirts ever – just in time for fall. As you’d expect, these 16 shirts offer a variety of styles and colors, and can be customized to your exact specifications. I’m partial to The Freelancer Blue & Orange Plaid Shirt, but if you need...
Spanx for men
Mar 06, 2011
Spanx Aren’t Just For Women Anymore
Spanx for men exist. Okay. While we believe you should be confident in your look and we never support unhealthy measures to hide your girth, we do understand that smooth lines can lead to a sharper silhouette and that may be just what you need to feel your best in your favorite outfit. Spanx, widely...

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I've shopped old navy and seems like they are one of the only people that try remotely to cater to plus size mens clothing, however i find their jeans fit wonderful through the thigh area but not so much through the legs... i wear a 46 to where the jeans fit they look good, but i have found that the leg area they use too much fabric... even when I've tried their slim & skinny jeans. I just wish that they would test more and try making them look more tailored, without them being to tight or to big through the leg. I feel like a lot of stores really don't pay attention to this side of the size spectrum, probably because it costs them money. You don't see very many extended sizes in store for some reason and what you do find a lot of the time is over sized generic clothing basically drapes which seems like they guessed at what the size it might look like. Although stores like Casual Male XL has decent clothing... and you can find most extended sizes, its completely over priced, and since I'm young i do feel like they don't have styles current with younger generations, feel sorta like shopping with my dad. Although  it might seem like I'm bitter, not gonna lie kinda am I'll take what i can get and make it work, just wish some of these companies would pay us big guys and gals a little more attention and give us something stylish current and with a great fit!
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