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NiceThreads Personal Stylist Service
Nov 07, 2016
NiceThreads: A Personal Stylist Service for Big & Tall Men
It feels like we’ve been asking for a Trunk Club-esque service for big and tall men forever. You know what I’m talking about – a service that gives you a stylist who understands what you like, and knows what you need from a fit and style perspective. It looks like our wait is finally over,...
Blue Nile Helps You Find the Perfect Men's Wedding Ring
Oct 02, 2016
Getting Hitched? Pick Out the Right Ring for You
This is a paid post sponsored by Blue Nile. You can trust that we adhere to strict editorial guidelines in our writing and reviews; however, this post contains affiliate links, and we receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners and purchase them. Rings. If you’re like me, you’re generally at a...
Fish tests out the Hey Dude Wally Shoe
Sep 14, 2016
Fish Takes a (Long) Walk in Hey Dude Shoes
It all started with a perfectly aimed sidebar ad on favorite website. The click-through opened a door to a land of mildly curious looking shoes being sold at reasonable prices. Further exploration led to the discovery of a shoe called Wally, and that where the love affair with Hey Dude Shoes began. Wally is part...
Large Lad Clothing
Aug 09, 2016
Large Lad Clothing Helps Big Men Find Clothes They Love
Little by little, we’re seeing men of size gain more representation in mainstream media, fashion, and commerce. With this increased interest comes more opportunity for individuals to take their ideas and turn them into something great. That’s exactly what Halifax, Nova Scotia based James Weir did when he launched Large Lad Clothing, his line of...
Teva Terra Float Universal Review
Aug 06, 2016
Adventure time with the Teva Terra Float Universal
Summer really feels like the season of opportunity. The world just opens up and relaxes a little, settling into a groove of warm weather, beach adventures, and hiking new trails. With this in mind, the search for the ultimate summer adventure shoe began, and where this quest ended up should really come as no surprise....
Bad Rhino Big & Tall Clothing
Jul 08, 2016
Bad Rhino Does Big & Tall Style With Sizes to 8X
Sponsored by Bad Rhino. All opinions, however, are my own. You’ve looked high and low for clothes you actually want to wear, and you’re coming up empty handed. None of your usual shops have what you’re looking for, so what do you do? Time to branch out! UK based Bad Rhino is outfitting men in stylish and affordable...
Petition for Plus Size Mannequins
May 09, 2016
Student Petitions for More Plus Size Mannequins at Parsons
We all know there are a bunch of reasons that finding quality, stylish plus size clothing is difficult. A Parsons School of Design student is trying to address one of the big issues for designers: lack of access to plus size mannequins. When design students have access to plus size mannequins, it’s easier for them to...
Answer land: finding stylish plus size men's pants
Feb 19, 2016
Answerland: The Plus Size Men’s Pants Edition
We’re talking plus size men’s pants in this edition of Answerland. Bruce takes on reader questions about the best fit for big legs, pants that fit when you’ve got junk in the trunk, and the best place to find a good pair of denim joggers. Send us your questions @chubstr on your favorite social network,...
Best Kept Secrets: Keeping Your Shirt Tucked
Dec 17, 2015
Best Kept Secrets: Keeping Your Stomach Covered
Being a man of size carries all kinds of fashion challenges, and we’ve seen them all. Our new Best Kept Secrets feature gives you everything you need to beat these challenges. This is our series of quick tips and resources to help you make the most of your clothing and accessories, especially when they’re not...
What to do with your Movember Beard?
Dec 02, 2015
You Made It Through No Shave November: Now What?
Depending on your preference, the weather, or maybe even your relationship status, Movember was either a blessing or a curse. You braved the itchy early stages. You probably have the start of a solid beard. Now the question is, will you push forward with your fuzzy face, or is it time to shave the winter coat?  The...