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Add to Your Wardrobe, with My-Wardrobe

In our never-ending search for great shopping and fashion resources, we stumbled across the UK-based My Wardrobe this week. The site, not dissimilar to sites we’ve told you about like Park and Bond and Mr. Porter, offers a selection of designer collections for men and women. Collections are guaranteed to be current—in fact, My Wardrobe […]

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Find Clothes That Fit With True Fit

It can be hard enough to find clothes that fit properly when you shop in physical stores; add online shopping to the equation and it can be downright impossible to get a good fit.  And let’s face it, most size charts are nothing more than an educated guess. When one of the key components to completing […]

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Keep Track of Your Shopping “Must-Haves” with Have to Have

Joining the growing list of websites designed to help online shoppers find, organize and purchase items is the startup Have to Have. The site promises to make your online shopping experience fun, easy and social. Have to Have operates as a registry and features a bookmarklet that allows you to save items you like or […]

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Lyst lets you find, buy and share the styles you love

Find, Create, and Share Your Style with Lyst

Looking for clothing in the styles you like can be a pain. If you’re looking local, depending on where you live, there might not be many options. The internet, on the other hand, gives you unlimited options, but that can be a problem as well. Figuring out where to look for the styles you like […]

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Polyvore: The Online Shopper’s Little Helper

Online shopping just got a little more fun, maybe just a little easier, and certainly more visual with Polyvore. Billing itself as the web’s largest online community of tastemakers, Polyvore allows you to import photos of clothing items from all over the web, put them into sets or collections and share them with the world. Now, […]

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