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Hear Rob Milton's new song
Apr 04, 2014
Listen to Rob Milton’s New Song (and Pick Up His Jacket)
Our friend Rob Milton is getting out there and enjoying this great spring weather (before it snows again, at least). Like the jacket? It’s the AE Colorblock Anorak from American Eagle Outfitters, available to XXXL for $79.99. Take a listen to the song he dropped on Wednesday, “Let It Go”: Show us your style –...
Nakia talks Austin residency, style, and TV
Jan 27, 2014
Nakia on his Austin Residency, Big Guys in Pop Culture, & The Voice
You might remember Nakia from the first season of NBC’s The Voice. He was the big guy with the long hair, big beard and soulful voice who lit up the stage every time he was on it. We caught up with Nakia last week and discussed music, style, his recent residency at The Belmont in...
Take a look at Rob Milton's Electric Feel
Jan 21, 2014
New Music: Electric Feel, by Rob Milton
We’re constantly impressed with what Rob Milton is putting out there. Lucky for us, he’s releasing new music on a regular basis. When we spoke with him last September, he was just about to drop Subject to Change, a love letter to Brooklyn. Now he’s kicking off 2014 with a new album called Electric Feel. Here’s...
Rob Milton Talks New EP, Recording at Rubber Tracks
Sep 23, 2013
Rob Milton Talks New EP, Recording at Converse’s Brooklyn Studio
When Chubstr spoke with Rob Milton a few years ago, he was at the beginning of a path that’d take him from Virginia State University, to interning at MTV, to indulging his passion for music by releasing the EPs The Love Today, The Shine Tomorrow, and Developing. Milton is prepping to release his latest EP,...
Weekly Playlist: Jenny Lewis, MCR, and More
Jan 29, 2013
Tuesday Playlist: Tegan and Sara, Ben Howard, & Bjork
After a bit of a break, we’ve decided to bring back the Chubstr Tuesday Playlist. Listen to music from the likes of Frankie Rose, Northeast Party House, Jenny Lewis, and Bjork (as remixed by Death Grips). Click the play button below to start listening to the playlist, and get tons of past lists we’ve created...
Brody Dalle & more in Chubstr's Tuesday Playlist
Jan 08, 2013
Playlist: Freeland feat. Brody Dalle, Diiv & Kenny Rogers?
After last week’s Best of 2012 playlist, we thought we’d cut things back down to size and give you a shorter playlist with a few of the songs people on the Chubstr staff have been listening to lately. This week, you’ll hear music from the likes of Little Dragon, Local Natives, Diiv, and Kenny Rogers....
MerchBox brings you new music & surprise goodies
Jan 03, 2013
MerchBox Brings Music & Surprises Direct To Your Doorstep
Everybody likes a surprise, and though the holidays are over, there’s a company out there giving customers an package full of secret goodies and new music every month. MerchBox ( is a “new way to discover amazing artists before anyone else does.” Once you sign up, they’ll send you a survey that helps them get...
Chubstr's Best of 2012
Jan 01, 2013
Tuesday Playlist: Chubstr’s Best Music of 2012
2012 is officially over, and we’ve got a ton of (hopefully) great new music to look forward to in this new year. Before we get into all of that, we thought we’d take a listen to some of our favorite music from the past year – sharing some of our favorite songs that you might...
Chubstr Tuesday Playlist: Deftones and more
Nov 13, 2012
Chubstr Tuesday Playlist: Azealia Banks, MCR, Deftones & Pixies
This week’s playlist is a special one for a few reasons – the biggest of which being that it’s the first playlist created with YOUR suggestions. We’ve got to hand it to you, you’ve got good taste. You’ll hear new music from Azealia Banks, Here We Go Magic, Punch Brothers, My Chemical Romance, Deftones (a...
Chubstr's Election Playlist
Nov 06, 2012
Listen to Chubstr’s Election Day Playlist
Today is an important day in the U.S. – Halo 4 is in stores! There’s also an election of some sort, and if you’re able, you should definitely get out there and vote. In honor of this momentous occasion, our weekly playlist includes some of our favorite politically focused songs, including tunes from Radiohead, Marvin...
anthonymg Same here. Sizes run the spectrum since they're not universal, so sometimes a 42 fits and sometimes a 46 fits. I feel you on being on the line - you can't go to a lot of the mainstream stores and find what you're looking for, but you also can't find the styles you want at B&T unless you really search. Have you checked out or Both offer sizes to something like 60 waist and 5X shirts with styles from well known brands. I've been really happy with what I'm finding at those places. Hope this helps!
Very handsome.
Alden L. Jackson
Chubstr,  I find that Sizes vs fitment to be wide open when it comes to clothes for my body type.  I am 6'3" 320lbs  Which for my style ends up being a 40"x32" waist slim fit,low rise jean and anything from a 2XLT to a 4X depending on the cut of the shirt.  See the problem a guy like me has is what I call the "in-betweener"  I can't shop at most normal stores because everything is "FAT man in a little shirt" and then stepping into a Big and tall store (read: Conservative and Frumpy) and I'm the guy that is now tall enough, but not wide enough. Destination XL has done a good job re-branding themselves with more fashionable clothes, but they still are not fashion forward enough for me.
anthonymg Thanks for the comment Anthony! If you can tell us what your sizes are, we can point you in the right direction. We definitely try to feature clothing in sizes as large as we can find them available, but sometimes they are difficult to find. You'll see a lot of options on the site that go to 5X or 6X. This particular post is a reader photo submission, so this guy has shared specifically what he's wearing and where he got it, which isn't always available in every size. Since it's a reader photo submission, the clothing is based on the size of the gent in the photo. Hope this helps! Check out our resources section and feel free to tell us your sizes and what specifically you're looking for and we'll help you out. Thanks for checking out Chubstr!
Werd!  6'3" 320lbs seems to be to big for most of the fashion that I am finding here.  To big, yet to small for "Big and Tall"