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Indochino’s Tips for Finding the Perfect Big and Tall Suit

Finding the perfect big and tall suit is, like everything else related to big men’s clothing, a difficult task. You need a great fit, but for the price, you want it to be stylish, right? This usually means you can’t buy something off the rack. When you do that, if you’re not careful, you come […]

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Photo: Maintaining a Spring Feel

Was in the mood to wear a tie, but definitely wanted to maintain a spring feel. So I rocked a button-up long sleeve shirt with a tie in a half Windsor, and I left the top button open on the shirt to give it a relaxed feel with my rolled up jeans and classic Chuck Taylors with no […]

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Indochino’s Traveling Tailor Hits Boston

Most guys would agree that having a custom suit created for them sounds extravagant, elite, and down right expensive. Sure, we all want to look like Clooney, but most of us don’t have the same physique or the deep pockets that he does. So, how does the modern guy look like he’s got a million […]

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Warm Up With Indochino’s Outerwear Collection

You’ve got to hand it to custom men’s clothier Indochino – they know how to create stylish looks that’ll fit a variety of tastes. Whether you’re looking for a classically styled suit, or a blazer that’ll help you stand out from the crowd, they’ve probably got what you’re looking for. Their latest outerwear collection is […]

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Ben is prepared for the rain

Answerland: Cocktail Parties, Shopping in Seattle, and More

Nehafindinglightness asked: My brother needs to dress for a cocktail party. What’s a good look for a guy who is 6’2″ and wears 4-5XL, with most of the weight in his middle? Thanks for the question! Since a cocktail party is (usually) a semi-formal affair, your brother would probably do well with a suit and tie. […]

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