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Big Men's Winter Wear Series: Hats
Nov 27, 2013
The Big Men’s Winter Wear Series: Hats
When the temperature is below freezing, keeping your fresh hair cut in check really shouldn’t be your #1 concern. Science tells us that about 10% of our body heat is lost through our heads. While that might not seem like much, it’s almost 10 degrees. That’s reason enough to say “screw my hair,” and throw...
Hats for big heads
Aug 29, 2013
Answerland: Big Hats for Big Guys
Mr. Palmer wants to know: Obviously I’m big or I wouldn’t be here. I’m about 5’9 and weigh around 265. My problem is that I have no clue as to what  kind of hat fits us bigger guys. I’m so tired of always wearing a baseball hat and I want a different look. What are y’all’s...
Cesar Does Business Casual
Apr 16, 2013
Photo: Cesar Does Business Casual
Cesar shares his look with Chubstr: Duckbill hat by Goorin Bros Argyle sweater by Target Plaid dress shirt by JC Penney Tie by Banana Republic Share your look by submitting a photo. Tell us who you are and what you're wearing, and where you bought it. 
Save 25% on Hats at Goorin Bros
Jul 05, 2012
25% Off XXL Hats at Goorin Bros
We’ve talked about Goorin Bros. Hatmakers before  – the company that has been making quality hats for the masses since 1895 is giving customers 25% off everything they have to offer when you use the code AMERICA25 at checkout. At our last count, there were something like 250 items for sale in their online store,...
Ian and the Porkpie Hat
Feb 26, 2012
Photo: Pork Pie Hat
This morning’s photo submission comes to us from Ian. Follow him on Tumblr. American Apparel Jersey Polo Warrior Harrington Bailey Pork Pie Show the world that big guys have style by sending us your photo. Tell us who you are, what you’re wearing, and where you bought it so that other guys can find the...
PLNDR Closeout
Feb 08, 2012
PLNDR’s Winter Closeout Brings You Accessories From $5
When two of my favorite shops join forces to offer clothes at ridiculous discounts, I’ve got to share it with you. PLNDR is holding their Winter Closeout sale right now, and the focus is on accessories – specifically, Goorin Bros. hats. Did I mention these hats start at $5? We’ve talked about my love for...
Answerland - Restoring Your Cap
Oct 20, 2011
Answerland: Restoring Your Ratty Old Hat
Welcome to Answerland, the place where Chubstr answers your burning questions about…well, anything. Questions about clothing, style, grooming, food & drink, entertainment, art, or anything in between – if you have questions, we’ll do our best to help you out. Just click here to ask a question, or leave it in the comments below.  Greg asked: I’ve...
Sep 06, 2011
Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Offers New Styles for Fall
It’s no secret that Goorin Bros. is one of my favorite hatmakers. They have hundreds of hats and loads of styles that actually fit big heads, and when you have an oversized noggin, you know how hard it is to find a quality cap in your size. Goorin’s recently released fall collection offers customers new...
Hats for big heads
Aug 12, 2011
Hats for Big Heads: Where to Shop When One Size Doesn’t Fit All
For years, finding hats that actually fit my head has been nearly impossible. Sure, every so often I’ll come across an unattractive ball cap that fits, or some kind of ski cap for really cold weather, but that’s not what I want – I want flatcaps and fedoras and those military style hats. Hell, I’d...
Davis Jr. Fedora only $24
Jul 28, 2011
Get the Davis Jr. Fedora From Goorin Bros for $24.99
Goorin Bros., one of our favorite hat designers is offering their Davis Jr. Fedora for $24.99, about half of what it normally costs. Choose from black, natural, and grey, and then your according size and you’re good to go. If you have an oversized head, you can grab the grey fedora in XL. Once you...

I've shopped old navy and seems like they are one of the only people that try remotely to cater to plus size mens clothing, however i find their jeans fit wonderful through the thigh area but not so much through the legs... i wear a 46 to where the jeans fit they look good, but i have found that the leg area they use too much fabric... even when I've tried their slim & skinny jeans. I just wish that they would test more and try making them look more tailored, without them being to tight or to big through the leg. I feel like a lot of stores really don't pay attention to this side of the size spectrum, probably because it costs them money. You don't see very many extended sizes in store for some reason and what you do find a lot of the time is over sized generic clothing basically drapes which seems like they guessed at what the size it might look like. Although stores like Casual Male XL has decent clothing... and you can find most extended sizes, its completely over priced, and since I'm young i do feel like they don't have styles current with younger generations, feel sorta like shopping with my dad. Although  it might seem like I'm bitter, not gonna lie kinda am I'll take what i can get and make it work, just wish some of these companies would pay us big guys and gals a little more attention and give us something stylish current and with a great fit!
I love wearing socks but sometimes wanna try to not wearing it but still doesn't find the shoes that match with pants. Yea brogues is nice. Great explanation and answers U0001f44d
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