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Posts Tagged ‘features’

Mourning the End of Summer
Oct 04, 2016
Photographer N Maxwell Lander Says Farewell to Summer
In our ongoing collaboration with photographer N. Maxwell Lander, we’re putting a stylish, upscale focus on plus size men, something that we don’t see enough of. See our first, street style focused collaboration here. This time around, we mourn the end of summer with the last warm weather shots of the season with model JP Kane. You...
Chubstr Spotlight: Tinder Badesha
Sep 27, 2016
Spotlight: Plus Model Tinder Badhesha
From New York Fashion Week, to work with brands like Kohl’s, plus size model Tinder Badhesha can strike a pose anywhere, any time. So what’s it like to be a plus model in a time when Ashley Graham’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated? We got together with Tinder on an LA parking lot rooftop to put her...
ABearNamedTroy's #BearItAll
Aug 19, 2016
In LA Tomorrow? Attend Troy Solomon’s #BearItAll Event
It’s getting easier to find communities that promote body positivity online, but in the real world, events and safe spaces are few and far between. This is one of the reasons that plus size actor, model, and style enthusiast Troy Solomon is kicking off #BearItAll, a campaign/multi-city event promoting self-love, body positivity, acceptance, and inclusion....
Chubstr takes on the World Naked Bike Ride
Jul 05, 2016
Taking On the World Naked Bike Ride for Body Positivity
I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon for almost two years now, and I’m proud to call this place home. The city is welcoming, friendly, and accepting of people who don’t exactly fit into the mainstream. When I heard that the latest installment of the World Naked Bike Ride was coming up at the end of June, I had...
Notable Man of Size: Teddy Roosevelt
Apr 27, 2016
Notable Men of Size: Teddy Roosevelt
Men of size have been part of the fabric of history since the dawn of time. These gents have been our entertainers, musicians, athletes, and leaders. At Chubstr, call these badasses “Notable Men of Size”. Since it’s an election year, our inaugural installment honors none other than our 26th President, Teddy Roosevelt. Vice-President Theodore “Teddy”...
Mar 21, 2016
Zach Miko Talks Becoming a Plus Size Male Model, Dispelling Big Guy Myths
Last week, actor, comedian, and model Zach Miko became the first plus size male model to sign with IMG Models new Brawn division. I chatted with Zach about signing with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, becoming the face of the plus size men’s modeling movement, and dispelling one of the most annoying big guy myths. ...
Hopsy Delivers the New Best Thing in Beer
Mar 20, 2016
Hopsy Delivers The New Best Thing in Beer
We live in exciting times if you appreciate convenience. With just a few clicks or swipes, you can have dinner delivered, movie streamed, laundry picked up, masseuse at your door, dog walked, and kids picked up. The only thing missing from this most epic Netflix and chill night ever is a tasty adult beverage. Thanks to...
Win a pair of Vans custom shoes
Feb 18, 2016
Last week, we asked you what mattered most when shopping for clothes: high quality or discount prices. It turns out, there’s a pretty even split between the two, with those of you looking for higher quality taking a slight lead in our oh-so-unscientific study. You gave us a ton of comments and insight, and we...
Reggie Wade: A Big Man in NYC
Feb 03, 2016
Big in the City: My Life as a Plus-Sized Man in NYC
New York City: the city of dreams, and my hometown. As the largest city in the United States, many people would think it’s the perfect place for a man of size to set up shop – unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Don’t get me wrong, the shirt doesn’t lie—I Love New York, but it can be rough on...
James Murphy Reunites LCD Soundsystem
Jan 11, 2016
Man of the Week: James Murphy Reunites LCD Soundsystem
James Murphy is officially reuniting LCD Soundsystem – not just for Coachella, but for a new album and tour. This comes as a surprise to many, after their huge, “final” performance at Madison Square Garden in 2011. Apparently, not everyone is happy about forthcoming new music from the band, as you’ll read below. On Christmas Eve, LCD Soundsystem...