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Reggie Wade: A Big Man in NYC
Feb 03, 2016
Big in the City: My Life as a Plus-Sized Man in NYC
New York City: the city of dreams, and my hometown. As the largest city in the United States, many people would think it’s the perfect place for a man of size to set up shop – unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Don’t get me wrong, the shirt doesn’t lie—I Love New York, but it can be rough on...
James Murphy Reunites LCD Soundsystem
Jan 11, 2016
Man of the Week: James Murphy Reunites LCD Soundsystem
James Murphy is officially reuniting LCD Soundsystem – not just for Coachella, but for a new album and tour. This comes as a surprise to many, after their huge, “final” performance at Madison Square Garden in 2011. Apparently, not everyone is happy about forthcoming new music from the band, as you’ll read below. On Christmas Eve, LCD Soundsystem...
photo: Chrissy Metz
Oct 21, 2015
Chrissy Metz Talks Music, Acting, American Horror Story
Chubstr Crush features profiles of and conversations with women who inspire us. Most people know Chrissy Metz from her role as “Ima Wiggles” on American Horror Story: Freak Show, but she’s really a slashie – an actress/singer/comedian. With new singles out from her band Chrissy and the Vapors, we got the chance to get the...
Nick Frost - Man of the Week
Oct 05, 2015
Man of the Week: Nick Frost Writes His Memoir
Nick Frost probably should have been a Man of the Week a long time ago, what with his sheer awesomeness and body of work. We’re featuring him this week because he’ll be releasing his memoir in a few days, aptly named Truths, Half Truths and Utter Bullshit. It looks like Bullshit is being replaced with Little White Lies at...
Charley Koontz: The Chubstr Interview
Oct 02, 2015
Charley Koontz’s Style Renaissance
Actor Charley Koontz is feelin’ himself. And rightly so; since 2011 he’s starred in two hit TV shows, CSI Cyber and Community, and now he’s the US ambassador for the Be Real body positivity campaign. After several years in the public eye, Charley has prioritized developing his personal style. He sat down with us during a recent fitting at...
Kyle Mcintire defies gravity, expectations
Sep 24, 2015
Kyle McIntire Talks Epic Dance, Defying Expectations
Yesterday, we featured UK based MoneySuperMarket’s new commercial featuring Colin, the Epic Builder. The video took the internet by storm this week garnering hundreds of thousands of views and impressions. Like you, we love seeing people out there shattering the preconceived notions of how big men can be portrayed in the media, so we decided to try and track him...
Chubstr goes to the sumo meet
Sep 08, 2015
The Next Big Thing: Loving and Living Sumo
There’s an unexpected hot new professional sport to follow, where the champions aren’t chiseled, size matters, and athleticism defies appearances. Sumo wrestling’s growing popularity and presence in the United States is an exciting and affirming sport for men of size. No longer simply an air-filled goofy suit to dress up in at the fair, sumo...
Man of the Week: Nathaniel Rateliff
Aug 24, 2015
Man of the Week: Nathaniel Rateliff
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats released their soulful, energizing, self-titled debut, and if you caught them performing S.O.B. on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, you’ll understand why Mr. Rateliff is this week’s Man of the Week. A Missouri native, by way of Colorado, Rateliff got into music a little later than most, spending the early years of...
We Tried Apple Music So You Don't Have To
Jul 08, 2015
We Tried Apple Music So You Don’t Have To
It’s been a little more than a week since Apple Music went live, offering a 3 month free trial to anyone interested in trying it out. Now that I’ve had a few days to fiddle with the service, I’ve got to say that there are a lot of things here to be proud of, and...
Chef Kevin Gillespie
Jul 06, 2015
Man of the Week: Chef Kevin Gillespie
If you’re a fan of Top Chef, you probably remember Kevin Gillespie as the season 6 contestant who, after beating almost all the other chefs to make it to the finale, lost out to Michael Voltaggio. He took his newfound fame and turned it into two successful restaurants, and now he’s taking things back to his roots with a new venture,...