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Harvey Guillen Hits NYC
Sep 21, 2016
Catch Harvey Guillen Tonight on IFC’s Documentary Now!
IFC’s Documentary Now! is back for a second season, and tonight’s episode features none other than our friend, Harvey Guillen. The show, starring Saturday Night Live alums Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, spoofs some of the greatest documentaries ever created. Tonight’s episode, Juan Likes Rice and Chicken, spoofs 2012’s Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  In this episode, young Colombian chefs...
Bruce Sturgell from Chubstr in the Fat Activism Coloring Book
Aug 08, 2016
Guess Who’s in This New Body Love Coloring Book
Adult coloring books, if you aren’t familiar with them, are a good way to disconnect from the world and get a little creative. There are a ton of them out there – you can color flowers, skylines, characters from Star Wars, and now: rad fat people. That’s right, Body Love: A Fat Activism Colouring Book...
Notable Man of Size: Bartolo Colón
Jul 12, 2016
Notable Men of Size: Bartolo Colón
In our third installment of Notable Men of Size, we’re featuring a man who is still alive and kicking! It takes a special sort of person to follow Teddy Roosevelt and The Notorious B.I.G., but he’s up for the task. Who is this man, you ask? It’s none other than “Big Sexy” himself, New York Mets...
Chubstr Man of the Week: Kristian Nairn
May 23, 2016
Man of the Week: Actor Kristian Nairn
Kristian Nairn is an actor and DJ who hails from Ireland. You probably know him from his most popular role, as Hodor in Game of Thrones. Don’t worry – if you haven’t watched the latest episode of GOT, we’re not going to spoil it for you. For those of you unfamiliar with Game of Thrones (or the books), Hodor is...
MARRY ME -- Season: Pilot -- Pictured: John Gemberling as Gil -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
Apr 07, 2016
John Gemberling to Play John Belushi in New Netflix Movie
Broad City’s John Gemberling will play the late John Belushi in the Netflix film, A Futile and Stupid Gesture, based on the biography of Doug Kenney, the co-founder of National Lampoon. Will Forte is playing Kenney, with Joel McHale playing Chevy Chase. The film will be directed by Wet Hot American Summer director, David Wain. Kenney was Editor of...
Action Bronson shares the deliciousness on Viceland
Mar 08, 2016
Here’s Why We Can’t Stop Watching Action Bronson’s Food Show
Action Bronson’s “F*ck, That’s Delicious” should be at the center of your pop culture universe if it isn’t already. Why? Name some stuff you like. Music. Food. Comedy. Irreverence. BOOM! Here you go, this show is where your eyes belong. I don’t remember exactly how I heard about Action Bronson. That’s the thing about him. One...
George Costanza Themed Bar
Jan 04, 2016
Finally, Someone Started a George Costanza-Themed Bar
Someone in Melbourne, Australia is kicking 2016 off the right way, with the opening of a George Costanza-themed bar. According to Maxim, the bar, known as George, officially opened on New Year’s Eve, serving up Seinfeld-inspired dishes and a ton of show memorabilia. The owner of the bar says that they started with the name...
Tennis Tips with Freddy Love
Dec 21, 2015
Get Tennis Tips with Freddy Love in New Web Series
Actor Aaron Muñoz just released the first episode of his new web series, Tennis Tips with Freddy Love. In the series, Love plays a chain-smoking, over-the-hill tennis pro, straight out of the late 70’s who offers unconventional tips for the everyday player. This time around, Love dispenses anti-chafing advice for all your vital areas. Watch the 3 minute video below: Look for...
Behind the Scenes of Undateable Live
Nov 16, 2015
Behind the Scenes of Undateable Live
Have you seen NBC’s Undateable lately? After a positive response to last season’s one-off live show, the cast and producers decided to do the entire second season live – and it’s one of the best things on TV right now. We’re not the only ones who think so – a simple search for #UndateableLive on any social...
Man of the Week: Jack Black
Oct 19, 2015
Man of the Week: Jack Black
Many of you reading this probably grew up with R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books. It wouldn’t be surprising if the series was your introduction to the horror genre, considering that for a while, they were selling at a rate of millions of books per month. Our latest Man of the Week is none other than Jack Black, who...