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In the Old Navy Mirror
Aug 22, 2014
Photo: In The Mirror at Old Navy
The Old Navy mirror was especially flattering today. Me – 6’ 0” / 310 lbs. / Nerd Shirt – Mossimo Supply / Target Jacket – Rude / Hot Topic Jeans – Old Navy Shoes – Converse One Star Show the world your style – share a photo with Chubstr. Tell us what you’re wearing and...
Lesmouches in Spring Threads
Apr 23, 2014
Photo: Spring Threads
I felt like celebrating this lovely spring day by wearing some cool threads (“threads”? That’s what the young ones say, right?) and taking some pictures. Here’s one of those ones. What’s He Wearing? Corduroy jacket from H&M T-shirt from Primark Skinny jeans from Cheap Monday (36” Stretchy) Sneakers by Converse Show the world that big...
It's a springish look
Mar 08, 2014
Photo: Maintaining a Spring Feel
Was in the mood to wear a tie, but definitely wanted to maintain a spring feel. So I rocked a button-up long sleeve shirt with a tie in a half Windsor, and I left the top button open on the shirt to give it a relaxed feel with my rolled up jeans and classic Chuck Taylors with no...
Curt's photo shoot with the hubby
Aug 23, 2013
Photo: Photoshoot With the Husband
Photoshoot with my husband. I’m hardly ever the subject, but when I come out of my shell and get in front of the camera, I better look great! In this photo I am wearing a long sleeve button up (rolled sleeves as always), vest and tie from Kohl’s big and tall section, skinny jeans in...
Classic Josh Bomb
Aug 21, 2013
Photo: Classic Josh Bomb
The man with the greatest name ever returns with a new reader photo. Welcome back, Josh Bomb. Classic: Levis, Hickory shirt (try this one with sizes to 5X), Chuck Taylors, glasses by Paul Frank. Show the world your style – click here to share a photo!
Wine and a Dog
Nov 01, 2012
Photo: A Dog and a Glass of Wine
Today’s reader photo comes from the proprietor of (the decidedly NSFW) HauntingBeauties. There are few better ways to kick back and enjoy yourself than with a glass of wine and your favorite dog.  What’s He Wearing? Vintage Levi’s Jeans – Get Levi’s to size 60 at Kohl’s Black Chucks – Shop the Chuck Taylor line...
Always A Gentleman
Jul 08, 2012
Photo: Always A Gentleman
Today’s reader photo comes from Always A Gentleman, who tells us he’s a simple man with simple tastes. He shares a simple look with us: Dickies shirt and jacket. Levi’s 501 jeans and chuck tailor hightops. Show the world that big guys have style by sharing your photos with Chubstr. Tell us who you are,...
Customize Your Own Converse
Dec 20, 2011
Become A Shoe Designer With Converse’s Sneaker Customizer
You know ‘em and love ‘em – just about everyone has a pair of Chuck Taylors in their closet. Did you know that you can create your own pair of Converse’s iconic shoe with just about any look you want by using their customizer function? You can choose from almost 30 styles of shoe to...
Gorillaz Converse
Dec 03, 2011
Gorillaz and Converse Team Up for Special Collection
Gorillaz and Converse are teaming up to create a line of shoes. Designed by Jamie Hewlett, co-founder of the group, the collection consists of four Gorillaz themed prints. The shoes will be part of the Chuck Taylor All-Star Collection, so they’ll have the look you know and love. There’s more to the release than what...
Columbus Day Sales
Oct 08, 2011
Columbus Day Weekend Sale Roundup
Columbus Day weekend is upon us, and what better reason for stores to offer up great sales? We’ve compiled some of the best deals on men’s big and tall clothing and you can find them below. If you need to pick up a few more items for fall (and really, who doesnt?), this is the...
lookin' good fellas!
The Body Love Conference
anthonymg Same here. Sizes run the spectrum since they're not universal, so sometimes a 42 fits and sometimes a 46 fits. I feel you on being on the line - you can't go to a lot of the mainstream stores and find what you're looking for, but you also can't find the styles you want at B&T unless you really search. Have you checked out or Both offer sizes to something like 60 waist and 5X shirts with styles from well known brands. I've been really happy with what I'm finding at those places. Hope this helps!
Very handsome.
Alden L. Jackson
Chubstr,  I find that Sizes vs fitment to be wide open when it comes to clothes for my body type.  I am 6'3" 320lbs  Which for my style ends up being a 40"x32" waist slim fit,low rise jean and anything from a 2XLT to a 4X depending on the cut of the shirt.  See the problem a guy like me has is what I call the "in-betweener"  I can't shop at most normal stores because everything is "FAT man in a little shirt" and then stepping into a Big and tall store (read: Conservative and Frumpy) and I'm the guy that is now tall enough, but not wide enough. Destination XL has done a good job re-branding themselves with more fashionable clothes, but they still are not fashion forward enough for me.
anthonymg Thanks for the comment Anthony! If you can tell us what your sizes are, we can point you in the right direction. We definitely try to feature clothing in sizes as large as we can find them available, but sometimes they are difficult to find. You'll see a lot of options on the site that go to 5X or 6X. This particular post is a reader photo submission, so this guy has shared specifically what he's wearing and where he got it, which isn't always available in every size. Since it's a reader photo submission, the clothing is based on the size of the gent in the photo. Hope this helps! Check out our resources section and feel free to tell us your sizes and what specifically you're looking for and we'll help you out. Thanks for checking out Chubstr!