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Chubstr Crush: Alysia Angel
Mar 13, 2015
Chubstr Crush: Writer Alysia Angel
Chubstr Crush features profiles and conversations with women who inspire us. Alysia Angel’s Twitter profile description sums her up better than we ever could: Published queer femme writer with grit in her teeth and pearl handled guns in her pantaloons. Lambda Lit Fellow. Hair twirler. Day dreamer. We talked to Alysia about her upcoming book Holy Roller:...
Chubstr Crush: Kelly Glover of Big Curvy Love
Feb 14, 2014
Chubstr Crush: Kelly Glover of Big Curvy Love
After moving to Los Angeles from Australia, Kelly Glover began documenting her experiences as a plus size woman in the L.A. dating scene through her blog, Big Curvy Love. In addition to sharing her own stories, she offers readers advice on relationships, style and more. We caught up with Kelly to talk about dating as a...
Chubstr Crush: Rachel Kacenjar of Re/Dress
May 31, 2013
Chubstr Crush: Rachel Kacenjar of Re/Dress
  Chubstr Crush features profiles of and conversations with women who inspire us. When the much beloved plus size boutique Re/Dress NYC shut its doors in 2011, it left a hole in the market for vintage and modern clothing in extended sizes. Luckily, Rachel Kacenjar loved the store so much that she bought it and...
Chubstr Crush: Reah Norman
Dec 28, 2012
Chubstr Crush: Reah Norman
Chubstr Crush features profiles and conversations with women who inspire us. This week, we talk to Reah Norman, Executive Fashion Director for PLUS Model Magazine. If it’s fashion related, Reah probably knows all about it. We talk about a day in the life of a Fashion Director, why plus fashion is becoming more popular, and...
Chubstr Crush: Jennifer Muzquiz San Diego Zombie Walk
Oct 26, 2012
Chubstr Crush: Jennifer Muzquiz of Zombie Walk: San Diego
Chubstr Crush features profiles and conversations with women who inspire us. This week, we’re speaking with Jennifer Muzquiz, founder of the San Diego Zombie Walk. What started as an interesting way to meet people and share a mutual love of  zombies has turned into events with occasional Comic-Con and AMC tie-ins. Jennifer talks about starting...
Chubstr Crush: Chastity Garner
Jun 15, 2012
Chubstr Crush: Chastity Garner, Fashionista and Blogger
Style consultant, fashionista, and author Chastity Garner knows her stuff. Not only does she help plus size women define and refine their style, she also created The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style (in both blog and book format) to give women everywhere tips and info they can use to create their own unique looks. We...
Chubstr Crush: Shawna Farmer of Chubby Cartwheels
May 11, 2012
Chubstr Crush: Shawna Farmer of Chubby Cartwheels
Shawna Farmer combined her love of crafting, sewing, and fashion to start Chubby Cartwheels, an online plus size clothing and accessories store that supports beauty and fashion in all sizes. We talked to this 30 year old Portland, Oregonian about starting the site, why it’s so difficult to find clothes in extended sizes, and what the...
Mariesther Venegas
Mar 23, 2012
Chubstr Crush: Mariesther Venegas
San Jose native Mariesther Venegas got her start as a plus model in 2010, when she was discovered after entering a model search. Since then, she has worked with the likes of Torrid, IGIGI, and Plus Model Magazine. I had a chance to talk to Mariesther about getting her start in modeling, who she’d like...
Chubstr Crush: Melissa Chionchio
Feb 03, 2012
Chubstr Crush: Melissa Chionchio
Chubstr Crush features conversations with women who inspire us. This week, we talk to TMZ’s Website Coordinator, Melissa Chionchio about what it’s like to work for the well known entertainment news company, one of the craziest stories she’s worked, and how she spends her time away from the office. Follow Melissa on Twitter at @SodDribble...
Rachel of 30 Dresses in 30 Days
Dec 09, 2011
Chubstr Crush: Rachel of 30 Dresses in 30 Days
Chubstr Crush features profiles and conversations with women who inspire us. This week we speak with Rachel B. (you might know her as Bloomie) who runs the blog 30 Dresses in 30 Days and is an Advocacy and Policy Strategist with the ACLU. We talk about blogging, style, and the idea of dressing well as a...
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I've shopped old navy and seems like they are one of the only people that try remotely to cater to plus size mens clothing, however i find their jeans fit wonderful through the thigh area but not so much through the legs... i wear a 46 to where the jeans fit they look good, but i have found that the leg area they use too much fabric... even when I've tried their slim & skinny jeans. I just wish that they would test more and try making them look more tailored, without them being to tight or to big through the leg. I feel like a lot of stores really don't pay attention to this side of the size spectrum, probably because it costs them money. You don't see very many extended sizes in store for some reason and what you do find a lot of the time is over sized generic clothing basically drapes which seems like they guessed at what the size it might look like. Although stores like Casual Male XL has decent clothing... and you can find most extended sizes, its completely over priced, and since I'm young i do feel like they don't have styles current with younger generations, feel sorta like shopping with my dad. Although  it might seem like I'm bitter, not gonna lie kinda am I'll take what i can get and make it work, just wish some of these companies would pay us big guys and gals a little more attention and give us something stylish current and with a great fit!
I love wearing socks but sometimes wanna try to not wearing it but still doesn't find the shoes that match with pants. Yea brogues is nice. Great explanation and answers U0001f44d
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