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Get the Goorin Bros Official Heisenberg Hat
Jul 12, 2013
Get the Collector’s Edition Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hat at Goorin Bros
Goorin Bros. Hatmakers have teamed with AMC to create an official collector’s edition Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hat & Box Set at San Diego Comic-con and on This iconic hat, worn by Bryan Cranston’s character, Walter White, will be available for purchase in limited quantities at the Goorin pop-up store at SDCC 2013, as well...
Breaking Bad Converse from Tauntr
Sep 07, 2012
Thing of the Week: Walter White on a Sneaker & The Worst Sequel Ever
It’s Friday and that means another Thing of the Week. We come across a lot of interesting things throughout the course of the week, and they don’t always fit into our regular editorial content. Thing of the Week is the place for us to share those items, whatever they are, with you. Some of them...