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Justin looks distinguished
Jul 04, 2013
Photo: Justin Looks Distinguished
Ralph Lauren bowtie. Jean shirt from Casual male XL. Corduroy sport coat via random Thrift shop. Share your style with Chubstr. Tell us who you are, what you’re wearing, and where you got it. This helps other guys find the looks they love.
Travis, the bow tie enthusiast
Jun 03, 2013
Photo: Bow Tie Enthusiast
Meet Travis, the bow tie enthusiast: I'm obsessed with bow ties - have to many to count!!! Share your style with Chubstr and show the world that big guys have style. Tell us who you are, what you're wearing, and where you bought it. This helps other guys find the looks they like. 
TieTry Standard Ties
Feb 01, 2012
TieTry: Netflix for Your Neck
TieTry is an online service that allows users to literally, “try” ties out – think of it like checking books out of a library or renting dvds from Netflix—order a tie, try it out, send it back, get a new one. We spoke with Co-Founder Scott Tindle about the company’s origin, how it works, and...
Beau & Yarrow's Bow Ties on Etsy
Oct 20, 2011
Beau & Yarrow’s Adds Some Personality to the Bow Tie
We recently found out that Kyle Letendre, a gent we’ve posted on our tumblr and throughout this site a few times, has started his own etsy store as a way to offer some of his amazing work to others. Enter Beau & Yarrow’s – featuring Kyle’s hand-crafted bow ties with many different colors and patterns....
Aug 23, 2011
Photo: Bowtie’s Bowtie
Today’s reader photo submission comes from Bowtie Brown, who previously submitted one of my personal favorite looks so far this summer. This time, he’s showing off his handiwork: bow tie I made Short, sweet and to the point. I like the bowtie sir – we’re looking forward to seeing some of your fall looks as...
Mike's Mild Summer
Aug 11, 2011
Photo: A Mild Summer
Mike, one of our favorite contributors, is back with a new submission and a new look. He’s also been one of the lucky ones enjoying a cooler summer. Says Mike: Between the rain and mosquitoes, we’ve had a lousy summer. On the positive side, I’ve been able to wear outfits that usually have to wait...
Dante Bowtie
Mar 28, 2011
Photo Submission: Dante Enjoys the Outdoor Happy Hour
Here’s Dante with a very tasteful bowtie, button-up shirt, and of a tasty adult beverage. A great outfit and a good way to spend the day. Submitted by CeramicKitten. Send us your photos and we’ll feature them here at Chubstr! We’re looking for photos that show your style and personality. Click this link to send...
Mar 14, 2011
We’re Entering Bow Tie Season
Getting ready for summer.shirt from JCrew, bow tie was thrifted, and glasses by ray-ban.   Share your style with us! If you’d like to submit a photo to the site, please click this link and fill out the form. Please include a little information about what you’re wearing and where you got it (if you...

anthonymg Same here. Sizes run the spectrum since they're not universal, so sometimes a 42 fits and sometimes a 46 fits. I feel you on being on the line - you can't go to a lot of the mainstream stores and find what you're looking for, but you also can't find the styles you want at B&T unless you really search. Have you checked out or Both offer sizes to something like 60 waist and 5X shirts with styles from well known brands. I've been really happy with what I'm finding at those places. Hope this helps!
Very handsome.
Alden L. Jackson
Chubstr,  I find that Sizes vs fitment to be wide open when it comes to clothes for my body type.  I am 6'3" 320lbs  Which for my style ends up being a 40"x32" waist slim fit,low rise jean and anything from a 2XLT to a 4X depending on the cut of the shirt.  See the problem a guy like me has is what I call the "in-betweener"  I can't shop at most normal stores because everything is "FAT man in a little shirt" and then stepping into a Big and tall store (read: Conservative and Frumpy) and I'm the guy that is now tall enough, but not wide enough. Destination XL has done a good job re-branding themselves with more fashionable clothes, but they still are not fashion forward enough for me.
anthonymg Thanks for the comment Anthony! If you can tell us what your sizes are, we can point you in the right direction. We definitely try to feature clothing in sizes as large as we can find them available, but sometimes they are difficult to find. You'll see a lot of options on the site that go to 5X or 6X. This particular post is a reader photo submission, so this guy has shared specifically what he's wearing and where he got it, which isn't always available in every size. Since it's a reader photo submission, the clothing is based on the size of the gent in the photo. Hope this helps! Check out our resources section and feel free to tell us your sizes and what specifically you're looking for and we'll help you out. Thanks for checking out Chubstr!
Werd!  6'3" 320lbs seems to be to big for most of the fashion that I am finding here.  To big, yet to small for "Big and Tall"