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Matthew Simko in cool shorts
May 09, 2014
In Boston? Learn Style with Chubstr’s Matthew Simko
If you’re going to be around Boston next week and you want to learn how to amp up your style, let our own Matthew Simko help you out. Thursday, May 15th, he’ll be offering a primer to help  you put yourself together called Fewer Clothes, More Accessories: A Style Workshop for Men. Here’s what you...
Well Hung Hangers
Aug 30, 2013
Well Hung Hangers Handle Big Men’s Clothing With Ease
When you’re bigger, you get used to dealing with the fact that a lot of things just aren’t made to accommodate you. Looking for clothing in your size, getting a comfortable seat on a flight, or even finding a bike to support you is a pain, but it’s something we just deal with. Every so...
Win The Perfect Wallet from Ball and Buck
Aug 08, 2013
Win The Perfect Wallet From Ball and Buck
Ball and Buck, the lifestyle brand for the sporting gentleman has created The Perfect Wallet, and we’re giving you the chance to win one of your own. If you’re unfamiliar with the Ball and Buck, they’re a Boston based shop that creates and sells only products made in the U.S.A. They recently launched a Kickstarter...
Men's Accessories $12 or Less at PLNDR
Aug 05, 2013
Men’s Accessories for $12 & Under at PLNDR
Our friends at PLNDR are running a flash sale on men’s accessories, with all items available for $12 or less. Shop hats, sunglasses, wallets, watches, and some awesome pocket squares, like the ones pictured below. It doesn’t hurt to pick up accessories whenever you come across them – they can help complete a look, or...
General Knot & Co.
Sep 18, 2012
The Well-Rounded Gent: Standing Out with General Knot
The Well-Rounded Gent brings you higher end clothing and accessories for the big and tall man. Send your questions, comments and anything you’d like us to cover here. Part of cultivating your style is finding ways to make your look unique. Being a bigger guy means less options for clothing in your size, so it’s even more...
Hautelook Sunglasses
Jan 16, 2012
Get the Season’s Best Sunglasses at Hautelook
Today, members-only shopping site Hautelook is throwing a sale featuring some of the season’s best sunglasses. While you’ll find a ton of women’s glasses available, if you scroll down far enough, you’ll come across a decent selection of sunglasses for men. Some of the brands represented in this sale include John Varvatos, Kenneth Cole, Fendi,...
TieSight Application
Dec 06, 2011
Let the Tiesight App Teach You How to Tie the Perfect Knot
  Although I like to dress well, I’ve never been a fan of the tie. Growing up, I was never required to wear one for formal events, and at my various jobs, a tie has never been a requirement. Because of that, I know how to tie one knot. Shoddily. The problem is, as you...
Erwin in black/havana
Oct 22, 2011
Need A Bag Guaranteed To Last Your Natural Life? Meet Emil Erwin.
In this era of disposable everything, it’s surprising to find a company that has a real, literal lifetime guarantee on their products. Enter Emil Congdon, the Nashville, TN based designer and his line of handcrafted goods, called Emil Erwin. According to the site, Emil Erwin is “Part of a revival of small companies devoted to...
Fendi Wallet
Aug 23, 2011
The Well-Rounded Gent: The Wallet Makes the Man
A quality wallet will remain with you for years, and can represent your overall approach to style more than your constantly changing wardrobe. Since most men rarely change wallets until it’s time to purchase a new one, I find it’s better to spend your money on a quality wallet that will last. The Fendi Black...
Nixon and Elvis
Apr 30, 2011
Yes, you should be wearing cufflinks.
Traditionally, cufflinks and French cuff shirts (a shirt with a double cuff that can be folded back and tied with a cufflink) were reserved for CEO’s and the top executives within a company. If you weren’t in a position of authority, French cuff shirts worn with cufflinks were considered pretentious. This doesn’t apply today. And don’t...