Curt as photographed by his husbandPhotoshoot with my husband. I’m hardly ever the subject, but when I come out of my shell and get in front of the camera, I better look great!

In this photo I am wearing a long sleeve button up (rolled sleeves as always), vest and tie from Kohl’s big and tall section, skinny jeans in dark wash from Hot Topic and blue Chucks.

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    • JW Richard


    • Sneha Kher


    • Angelik Rojas


    • Nathan Libarios Rondina

      Looks great!

    • Chastity Abron


    • rwschroeder

      My wife said I just found my twin. Won’t be pulling out my sweaters for a few more months in Texas though. Great look.

    • Kari Rosen

      Very dapper!

    • Clare Short

      Wheeeew! Is it hot in here or is it you?!