Photo by Austin Reza

Photo by Austin Reza

For many of us, it’s becoming more and more difficult to enjoy this prolonged bout of winter weather we’re dealing with. Not so for Corbin Chamberlin, who decided to forego the automobile for a more classic mode of winter transportation. He’s battling the elements in a Chateau Parka, from Canada Goose – available in sizes to 3XL. If you need to stay warm in temperatures to -25, this could be the coat for you.

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    • JW Richard


    • Sneha Kher


    • Angelik Rojas


    • Nathan Libarios Rondina

      Looks great!

    • Chastity Abron


    • rwschroeder

      My wife said I just found my twin. Won’t be pulling out my sweaters for a few more months in Texas though. Great look.

    • Kari Rosen

      Very dapper!

    • Clare Short

      Wheeeew! Is it hot in here or is it you?!