Travis prefers the bow tie

Meet Travis, the bow tie enthusiast:

I'm obsessed with bow ties – have to many to count!!!

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    • Courtney Kelman

      He looks awesome!

    • Sonny Lewis

      Cheryl Gibson Becky Lewis

    • AndyJordan

      This is not streetwear.  As a big and tall gay men, who also happens to be a streetwear designer… I’m bothered by this.  Nothing about this is streetwear, except that he’s on a street.  He looks like any middle America poorly dressed guy.

    • For real. Hella not “streetwear”. Not even close to original either. This look is super common in SF for gay big guys. I’m not saying it’s a bad look or he’s dressed badly, but the author might need to do her homework before posting stuff like this and labeling it
      streetwear”. Come on now.

    • rogerdodgerTX

      This is really only “streetwear” if the streets are in some gay enclave or area such as Chelsea, West Village, or Greenwich Villages, or West Hollywood, or the streets of gay San Franscisco. Sorry, unicorn t-shirts are passe and really only appropriate in a campy way, for people under 30 years of age. 

      Anything other than this, it looks age inappropriate to say the least. It just ooks silly.