Even the dog can't believe he's wearing socks and sandals

To sock, or not to sock, that's one of life's age old questions. Well, maybe not age old, but it's topic of conversation when summer rolls around. The problem is, generally speaking, wearing shoes without socks is just plain uncomfortable. You're worrying about rubbing, blisters, and the dreaded smell. We've put together a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to going sockless in the summer, and a list of alternatives to traditional socks. 

Socks with boat shoes

The ultimate worst offence; boat shoes with socks. Boat shoes are by nature meant to be worn sockless. Have you ever seen someone wearing socks on a boat? Didn't think so. When wearing boat shoes, with shorts or pants, lose the socks. If you feel like you need an extra layer between your feet and your Sperry's, pick up a pair of washable terry cloth insoles. They'll add comfort and keep the odors down too. No one likes stinky shoes.

Wearing socks with sneakers

When you're on vacation this summer, don't look like this guy. Sneakers should absolutely be worn with socks no matter the season, but not with tube socks pulled up to your knees. Rather than a tennis or ankle sock, try a “no show” sock. These socks are low enough not to be seen, but tall enough to keep your heel from getting blisters. 

Socks with loafers

When wearing loafers with pants, most guys opt to wear socks. As long as they're interesting dress socks, and not gym socks, we're ok with that. But when it comes to wearing your favorite loafers, or driving mocs with shorts, skip the socks. There are occasions in the summer when flips flops are way too casual and boat shoes tow the line. In those instances, opt for the sockless loafer. Hate my advice? Well, you're in luck because there's such a thing as loafer socks. Their low profile will keep them from showing, while offering blister protection and odor relief. 

Socks with sandals at the beach

Doesn't it go without saying at this point? Never, under any circumstances, wear socks with sandals. Not with Teva's, not with Birkinstocks, and definitely not with slides or flip flops. As for the alternative? Sorry guys, there isn't one. If sandals fit properly, they should be comfortable. The only tip here is to make sure to buy your size and break them in slowly to ensure comfort.

[box]To reduce stinky shoes when going sockless, here are some tips:

  • Use a medicated foot powder in your shoes before putting them on. Gold Bonds makes a great menthol version that will also have a cooling feeling on your feet.

  • Antibacterial Foot Spray is an option. OdorEaters spray promises to “eliminate odors on contact”. The only trick here is to make sure not to spray anywhere else on the shoes. There's a chance of staining.

  • Go old school. When you take your shoes off, crumple up some newspaper and stuff them in your shoes. The porous texture of the paper will soak up any odor.

  • Freeze your shoes. That's right, Freeze them. Bag each shoe separately and stick them in the freezer over night. The cold will kill the bacteria that causes the smell.[/box]

Do you have any tips on going sockless in the summer? Tell us in the comments below. 

Feature/1st photo by Atelier Sol, boat shoe photo by hsj.org, sneakers photo by ahyang, loafers by jbcbgfr, last photo by chrisdrury.

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    TanyaXSuperhero 5pts

    Just watched Limitless and wow, great actor! I can't wait to watch more.

    Danielle Luna
    Danielle Luna 5pts

    Lol I wouldn't even call him chubby. He's tall.

    debrod75 5pts

    Thanks Good To know!! My Son who is 15, 6ft tall at 300lbs doesn't like to go shopping cause of all the trouble we have finding him clothes. Even going shoe shopping is a chore. I buy his shoes online and pray they fit right, cause where I live the biggest shoe size any store carries is a 13. I'm glad he is not picky and doesn't care about named brand clothing.

    Jeannie Taylor-Curtis
    Jeannie Taylor-Curtis 5pts

    How is he a plus size he just looks like a stud .... Guess Gronk is a plus size too?

    Mark Hofman
    Mark Hofman 5pts

    Target has almost nothing to fit us Plus Sized guys! I hate having to go to Walmart - but they have clothes that fit!

    Shelly Bell
    Shelly Bell 5pts

    OMG that's his actual wife. I had hopes and now they're dashed. \U0001f602 \U0001f602 \U0001f602

    Shelly Bell
    Shelly Bell 5pts

    Wait what? I'm just over here drooling.

    Gary Bone
    Gary Bone 5pts

    I'd volunteer! I'm 6'2 390 I'm a truly plus sized man! I'd be up for the challenge \U0001f60c\U0001f60a

    Allie Bradley
    Allie Bradley 5pts

    Chris Murphy if you haven't heard of this site, you may love it. \U0001f496

    Chubstr 5pts

    Agreed, Gary! Our hope is that companies will see these things and feature more models of a variety of sizes.

    Gary Bone
    Gary Bone 5pts

    "Plus sized"...I guess you gotta start somewhere

    Chubstr 5pts

    You're right Jakob Gustav Felts, and it's something Zach touches on in the article. It's a first step, and before this, there wasn't ANYTHING in the way of male size diversity to be found there. It's our job to spotlight things like this and show these companies that we want even more models of a variety of sizes to be featured on their site and in their advertising!

    James Cummings
    James Cummings 5pts

    Nice looking guy...but I got that too. Im a Giggalo...and a Gigga-high.

    Jakob Gustav Felts
    Jakob Gustav Felts 5pts

    I'm glad Target is making the effort, but the fact of the matter is, most guys looking for plus sized clothing don't have the slender build that he does. -_-