As big guys, we’ve all got a closet full of hoodies. They come in all styles and colors, and they’re usually pretty inexpensive. Generally you put one on to run errands because its comfortable, roomy, and let’s face it, always seems to fit. But what if we take the hoodie and instead of dressing it down, we dress it up?

“I seem to have a bevy of big comfortable hoodies. I love how they feel, but want to figure out a way I can wear them to work our out to dinner. Can you help?” – Eric

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Eric, we can absolutely help. The savvy big guy is always looking for ways to stretch his wardrobe and making a hoodie do double duty is a great way to achieve that. When dressing a hoodie up, think about pairing it with a brightly colored button down or traditional check (as pictured). Throwing on a slim tie and a dark pair of jeans pulls the look together. For shoes, try a wing tip oxford with a contrasting colored sole (Stafford at JCPenney. $50), they’re a perfect finishing touch while still being playful. It’s a look that’s perfect for a more creative work environment, or happy hour with friends. You can even untuck the button down and unzip the hoodie to give it a more casual, but still refined look.

The hoodie we chose here (Calvin Klein, Macys up to 4X) is a slimmed down version of the hoodie we all know and love. It has a waffled texture and riveted details on the shoulders and pockets. When shopping for a hoodie, remember to look for a slimmer silhouette and something with a little extra detail.

This Ralph Lauren plaid version gives that extra pop of style while still keeping the essential elements of a hoodie, meaning you won’t have to trade comfort for style. For a less bold look, this Old Navy Thin-Striped hoodie (Sizes to 3X at works well for this application. It’s a thin material and won’t ad bulk when layering.

There you go Eric, your hoodies don’t have to be banished to football games or dog walking excursions. Find ones that fit you well and mix and match button downs and polos to find a look that works best on you. And when you do, send the pics our way.

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    Uri Johnson Lawson
    Uri Johnson Lawson 5pts

    That's awesome! In the article it says a men's size up to a 12 I believe, but I see where it says the male model's shoe size. I don't know if it can stretch to my guys' 15 and 16 though. I'll definitely order a pair and see how they fit! Hopefully though they'll look into even bigger sizing especially for males, I know that the problem that these socks address are a problem for my dad so it's cool to see that this company has made a new niche. And they already make the socks in my size, huge plus! Thanks for replying with the info (:

    Chubstr 5pts

    Hey Uri - Xpandasox told us that the male model on their site wears a 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so their socks might work for other guys with bigger feet as well.

    Hollie Pemble-Simminger
    Hollie Pemble-Simminger 5pts

    Love it all. The smile the hair the glasses the socks. Very very handsome man. Would love to meet him /)

    xpandasox 5pts

    Hi Douglas! What size shoe do you wear? Though the size chart says 8-12, the male model on wears a size 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so they might work for you as well!

    Kara Goodall
    Kara Goodall 5pts

    These dudes are adorable! Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus.

    Cocoa Jackson
    Cocoa Jackson 5pts

    I think I would die of happiness if I walked into the kitchen and saw this masterpiece

    Megan Kirkhart
    Megan Kirkhart 5pts

    Oooh, he's sexy...I'd like to wake up to that every morning...

    biggaysanta 5pts

    They need the XL size, too, for us big leg and big feet people!

    xpandasox 5pts

    @biggaysanta Hi! What size shoe do you wear? Though the size chart says 8-12, the male model on wears a size 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so they might work for you as well!