The Spartan, by Dreadnought

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Late last year, we talked about shaving with a straight razor, and though some of you are adventurous, others wanted a cool razor that stood less chance of cutting through something vital. If you’re one of these guys, you should consider a safety razor. Meet the Spartan Double Edge Safety Razor, by Dreadnought.

The spartan feels substantial in your hand

Solid construction and ease of use

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Spartan is that it feels substantial – there’s some heft to it. It’s made from stainless steel, so you won’t confuse it with those flimsy disposables you’re used to using. You can tell they put a lot of thought into the design of the razor, from the handle shape to the Dreadnought logo on the top plate of the cutting head.

Using a safety razor is very similar to how you’d use a disposable, but because of the weight of the razor itself, you don’t have to apply much pressure to get a good shave. Just run it along your face and the razor will do the hard work for you. The gents at can give you more insight into proper double bladed shaving technique if you so desire.

A closer look at the spartan razor

Cleanup and care

The Spartan comes with a razor blade that you can easily install by loosening the top plate and placing the blade on the cutting head. It only takes a few seconds and then you’re ready to go. Since you’re using a double bladed razor, when one side gets dull, you can switch to the other side and continue to get a high quality shave. When it comes time to replace the blade, be sure to take a minute or two to fully clean the razor. Dreadnought recommends you fully dismantle the razor and scrub any stubborn residue with an old toothbrush. Dry, replace the blade, and reassemble, and you’re good to go. This should be enough to keep your razor clean and functional for years to come.

Dreadnought Shaving Cream

If the Spartan Double Edge Safety Razor by Dreadnought seems like your kind of shaving utensil, you can order one for $70 at A high quality razor deserves a high quality shaving cream, so consider spending an extra $20 for a 100ml canister of their shaving cream, made specifically for use by problem shavers.

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    Uri Johnson Lawson
    Uri Johnson Lawson 5pts

    That's awesome! In the article it says a men's size up to a 12 I believe, but I see where it says the male model's shoe size. I don't know if it can stretch to my guys' 15 and 16 though. I'll definitely order a pair and see how they fit! Hopefully though they'll look into even bigger sizing especially for males, I know that the problem that these socks address are a problem for my dad so it's cool to see that this company has made a new niche. And they already make the socks in my size, huge plus! Thanks for replying with the info (:

    Chubstr 5pts

    Hey Uri - Xpandasox told us that the male model on their site wears a 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so their socks might work for other guys with bigger feet as well.

    Hollie Pemble-Simminger
    Hollie Pemble-Simminger 5pts

    Love it all. The smile the hair the glasses the socks. Very very handsome man. Would love to meet him /)

    xpandasox 5pts

    Hi Douglas! What size shoe do you wear? Though the size chart says 8-12, the male model on wears a size 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so they might work for you as well!

    Kara Goodall
    Kara Goodall 5pts

    These dudes are adorable! Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus.

    Cocoa Jackson
    Cocoa Jackson 5pts

    I think I would die of happiness if I walked into the kitchen and saw this masterpiece

    Megan Kirkhart
    Megan Kirkhart 5pts

    Oooh, he's sexy...I'd like to wake up to that every morning...

    biggaysanta 5pts

    They need the XL size, too, for us big leg and big feet people!

    xpandasox 5pts

    @biggaysanta Hi! What size shoe do you wear? Though the size chart says 8-12, the male model on wears a size 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so they might work for you as well!