In today’s installment of The Stylistic, we meet Rob Milton, 21 and currently attending Virginia State University. Click a photo to see it in full size. Without further ado:

Sperry Top-Slide Boat Shoes, Perry Ellis Vintage Denim Jeans, Dark Blue Cardigan, Blue Button Up, T-Shirt, American Eagle Wrist Accessory, ALDO Wrist Accessory













What is your name?
Rob Milton (

How old are you?

Patterned Black And Grey Low-Top Converse Chuck Taylors, Ralph Lauren Khaki Cargo Shorts, Blue Button Up, Joe's Casual Vest, Brittany Bay Neck Tie, American Eagle Wrist Accessory, Black Wayfarer Frames













Where do you live?
New Virgersey.
Born and raised in Northern New Jersey.
Attending school in Virginia.

What do you do?
Student. Singer. Intern. Aspiring Radio Personality, Photographer & Journalist.
College Senior, Mass Communications Major at Virginia State University.

Black And White Hi-Top Converse Chuck Taylors, Perry Ellis Vintage Denim Jeans, Purple/White Pinstripe Oxford Button Up, Christian Dior Neck Tie, Purple Merona V-Neck Sweater, Black Wayfarer Frames













How would you describe your style?
Simplicity Meets Debonair.
Church Meets Lounge.
Contemporary Geek Meets Vintage Rock Soul.

What are your favorite places to shop?
Thrift Shops, Journeys, PacSun, Ralph Lauren, Aeropastle, C28, Aldo

Sperry Top-Slide Boat Shoes, Perry Ellis Vintage Denim Jeans, Dark Blue Cardigan, Blue Button Up, T-Shirt, American Eagle Wrist Accessory, ALDO Wrist Accessory & Aeropastle Messenger Bag













Choose one or answer them all: Hobbies, Vices, Heroes?
– Singing, Writing, Photography, Multi-Media Production.
– Sushi, Live Bands, Cameras, Musicals, Mangoes, Chuck Taylors, Daria
– Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Bilal, Andre Benjamin, Mali Music

Is there any piece of clothing or accessory you couldn’t do without?
This summer, I have a feeling it’s going to be between a pair of tan sanuks and a jean vest.

Do you have a style tip that works for you that you’d like to share with us?
Money is not an option, or so they say. Well, let’s be honest, for most consumers in this economy it is. But money does not have to be the defining factor in the creating or refining of your look. Take a thrifting trip to the Goodwill and sift through the piles of sometimes dusty, oddly categorized material. Run to the back of your favorite store and search through the clearance rack. Believe it or not, quality isn’t always costly.


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    CRobertK 5pts

    Um, I want to shop in these guys closets! Next time ask them for a detailed list of where they bought their looks from? Many of these looks I've been wanting to create but I've been unable to find anything close much less the original!

    Michael Hoppe Jr
    Michael Hoppe Jr 5pts

    There is avant garde (like your picture) and there is looking like a neck brace...that guy deserved better;)

    William Lockwood
    William Lockwood 5pts

    The only Guy that looks Chubby is wearing Cahart. Somebody needed to check the subject matter before posting.

    Chubstr 5pts

    I think you got the point, Justin Canja - Pitti Uomo is all about menswear and fashion, so the people attending are putting together some unique (and sometimes high end) looks. For the record, we totally agree - nice to see high fashion for any body type.

    Justin Canja
    Justin Canja 5pts

    I dig the collar if it's suppose to be an avant garde nod to gentlemanly attire. I can appreciate that a designer can think "high fashion" for any body types.

    EmieneWright 5pts

    I love it but damn Chubstr, you need more color on your pages! Where are all the extremely fly Italian Africans?