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There aren’t many options for high end denim in sizes above 40, unless you’re willing to shell out quite a bit of money to get something custom made. Luckily, there are companies out there putting a focus on creating quality, stylish clothing for men of size. House of Halls is one such company. Offering expertly made jeans in sizes 36 to 46, they’re reaching customers who have traditionally had few choices when it comes to wearing clothing with style.

We spoke with House of Halls CEO Aimee Deziel about starting the company, making clothes for bigger men, and the lack of options in sizes above 38. Plus, we show you what the Icon and Mettle jeans from House of Halls actually look like on a guy your size. 

What inspired you to start House of Halls?
I was motivated by the belief that there shouldn’t be a size limitation on dressing well. That, and the realization that there is a huge lack of quality, stylish clothing options for men over size 38.

Many brands simply upsize their clothing to extended sizes, resulting in ill-fitting garments. It’s obvious you put real thought into who’d be wearing House of Halls – can you tell us a bit about how your jeans differ from what other companies are putting out there?
Our design is user-centric. We started from the inside out and thought first about comfort. We paid attention to details like our standard comfort-lined waist band, making sure there were no hang tags, and piping any rough seams to reduce any chance of chaffing. Then we focused on the outside making sure the design was not only stylish but flattering and not too baggy.

[threecol_one]Bruce in Selvedge Denim from House of Halls [/threecol_one] [threecol_one]High Quality Denim for Men of Size from House of Halls[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]The Icon Selvedge Denim Jean from House of Halls[/threecol_one_last]

Who do you consider your average customer?
Strangely, women. There are a lot of women out there who love a man who isn’t a size 32. I’m one of them and I’m making the style decisions in our house. Now that’s not to say that men aren’t clear about what they like, but at some point along the way there is likely some level of female influence. Ultimately, the man who wears House of Halls is a professional who usually pairs denim with button-down shirts for work or a jacket for going out. He likes to look good but he doesn’t always want to wear a suit, if ever.

What’s your take on the men’s big and tall industry in general? You’re doing something that we don’t really see much focus on – high quality clothing that gents are going to want to wear. Do you think the bigger players in the industry will come around, or do you feel like they’re pretty stuck in what they do?
I actually think it’s more likely that we will see traditional retailers starting to look for ways to increase their market share.  The smart ones will realize that they could gain that market share by edging up into that next size segment (up to 46) and take advantage of a quick win. Again this is a lot about the women. Women will tend to spend in the stores they are already comfortable shopping in. If they can do more of their family’s shopping in one place, they will.

[threecol_one]Dress Up or Go Casual with Grey Selvedge Jeans from House of Halls[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]A closer look at the Mettle Jean from House of Halls[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Expertly crafted denim with style from House of Halls[/threecol_one_last]

Why do you think there’s such a lack of stylish options for big men in extended sizes?
There isn’t really a retail channel for it. Or a media channel (until Chubstr came along). So it’s hard for brands and consumers to connect, which in turn makes it hard for businesses to stay viable long-term.

A closer look at the detail on the Icon jean from House of Halls

You currently offer sizes 36 to 46. Do you think you’ll ever offer sizes beyond that?
Yes we likely will offer extended sizing on both ends, but our core will always be the 36 – 46 segment.

What can we expect from House of Halls in the future?
In the short term you can expect our SS2013 line to include colors, some slimmer cuts and some stretch denim. Longer term however we’ve got big plans. We don’t plan to stop at denim. Our goal is to be the brand to dress men of stature comfortably and stylishly from head to toe.

Shop for denim in your size at House of Halls, with prices starting at $155.

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    dtremit 5pts

    AG was selling extended sizes through Rochester/DXL a few years back -- sorry to hear that they've been cut. Same thing happened with Original Penguin -- once they disappeared from the DXL stores, the sizes disappeared completely.

    I've actually gotten some nice house-brand T-shirts from Macy's -- I think they were their Alfani label.

    Adam Short
    Adam Short 5pts

    There are some 501s out there with stretch. I've got some and love them! The 541 is pretty amazing though.

    Tyler Jacobs
    Tyler Jacobs 5pts

    Personally,  I think Hanes Beefy T's are kinda the worst. I'm not a fan of the thick, stiff fabric. American Apparel makes great soft, lightweight yet fairly durable tees up in sizes up to 3XL. Just my two cents! :)

    Sarah Fox
    Sarah Fox 5pts

    Most of the shirts we find are either too short, too wide in parser to compensate for the length or shrink in the first wash.

    Sarah Fox
    Sarah Fox 5pts

    He needs shirts. Tees mostly. White ones for undershirts and just the regular nerdy collection :)

    Chubstr 5pts

    Hi Sarah! Are you looking for anything in particular?

    Sarah Fox
    Sarah Fox 5pts

    I definitely need something for my husband who's 6'7" and around 350. Big n Tall sections just don't seem to be worth anything anymore.

    zinka 5pts

    Where did the button-down in the second photo come from? I've been unable to find shirts in that dot-pattern trend in my size.

    Chubstr 5pts

    I picked up that shirt from Target - it's from Mossimo -Bruce

    Shawn Nathanson
    Shawn Nathanson 5pts

    I've yet to buy the underwear .... It's as good as the shirts I'll be in love

    Chubstr 5pts

    I wear their boxers and they're amazing! Duluth is solid, for sure

    Shawn Nathanson
    Shawn Nathanson 5pts

    They are a bit pricey.... But I own over 25 of them now....

    Gerald Lino
    Gerald Lino 5pts

    Where can I find the shirt in this pic ? I love that blue.

    Shawn Nathanson
    Shawn Nathanson 5pts

    The best tshirt by far are Duluth Trading Co. Their long tail tees are the greatest!! And 3" longer to boot

    Chubstr 5pts

    They don't have the stretch that the new 541s offer, which is vital for guys like me with especially big thighs

    Oliver Jennissen
    Oliver Jennissen 5pts

    Don't do classic Levi's 501s do this job quite well too?