We love finding new and interesting places to shop for clothing in extended sizes, and many of our international readers have asked for options outside of the U.S. Today, we bring you Northern Threads, an England based shop that also ships internationally. Michael from Northern Threads brings us two summer looks that will work for big guys. Read his article and see the photos – exclusively for Chubstr. 

Bruce has been kind enough to give over some column inches to us and since we’ve been following Chubstr for a while we were only too happy to oblige. When I say “us” I mean Northern Threads – we’re an independent men’s clothing store serving our loyal customer base in the north of England and reaching out worldwide online. We cater to men of all sizes – large and small –because style shouldn’t be restricted by size. We’ve had some great stock come through our doors recently and we’ve put together two key looks that should be gracing everyone’s wardrobe.

I grabbed hold of our online manager for a few minutes to snap a few images of him sporting brands in which you can find sizes of up to 4XL. We’ve put together a casual look and a formal one, so you’re covered on both bases.

Here we teamed a tipped collar Hugo Boss Green Patrick polo (in white) alongside regular fit ED47 Edwin denim jeans (try the Armani jeans for further extended sizes) and Hugo Boss Orange Keelo trainers. This outfit perfectly toes the line between smart and casual, holding you steady in any number of situations.

Summer Looks from Northern Threads

Hugo Boss polo & shoes, with jeans from Edwin

The second look is designed for a more suited and booted affair; great for going on a date or hitting a few bars. The shirt is a custom fit poplin stripe from the Polo Ralph Lauren range with a pair of Levi’s 271 tapered chinos in a smart navy. The perfect way to finish off any outfit is with a pair of hand crafted English brogues from Grenson, you see here their Stanley shoe.

A Suited and Booted Look from Northern Threads

Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, Levi's Jeans, and Grenson shoes

Now’s the time to put together a new summer outfit, comprised of apparel that will see you through the whole year and hopefully many more to come.

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    Uri Johnson Lawson
    Uri Johnson Lawson 5pts

    That's awesome! In the article it says a men's size up to a 12 I believe, but I see where it says the male model's shoe size. I don't know if it can stretch to my guys' 15 and 16 though. I'll definitely order a pair and see how they fit! Hopefully though they'll look into even bigger sizing especially for males, I know that the problem that these socks address are a problem for my dad so it's cool to see that this company has made a new niche. And they already make the socks in my size, huge plus! Thanks for replying with the info (:

    Chubstr 5pts

    Hey Uri - Xpandasox told us that the male model on their site wears a 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so their socks might work for other guys with bigger feet as well.

    Hollie Pemble-Simminger
    Hollie Pemble-Simminger 5pts

    Love it all. The smile the hair the glasses the socks. Very very handsome man. Would love to meet him /)

    xpandasox 5pts

    Hi Douglas! What size shoe do you wear? Though the size chart says 8-12, the male model on www.xpandasox.com wears a size 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so they might work for you as well!

    Kara Goodall
    Kara Goodall 5pts

    These dudes are adorable! Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus.

    Cocoa Jackson
    Cocoa Jackson 5pts

    I think I would die of happiness if I walked into the kitchen and saw this masterpiece

    Megan Kirkhart
    Megan Kirkhart 5pts

    Oooh, he's sexy...I'd like to wake up to that every morning...

    biggaysanta 5pts

    They need the XL size, too, for us big leg and big feet people!

    xpandasox 5pts

    @biggaysanta Hi! What size shoe do you wear? Though the size chart says 8-12, the male model on www.xpandasox.com wears a size 14.5 shoe, with EEE width so they might work for you as well!