Nordstrom Personal Stylist

In the olden days, personal stylists were only available to the well to do and the famous. Now, if there’s a Nordstrom near you, chances are, you’ve got a stylist at your disposal. As I was browsing some of my regular online stops for big and tall clothing with style, I came across this page promoting the Nordstrom Personal Stylist program. Having never seen it before, I decided to jump right in and find out what they have to offer.

How the Nordstrom Personal Stylist Program Works

According to the website, the company will connect you with a personal stylist who will help you create the perfect look (or looks) to fit your “preferences, budget, or goals.” With free services that run the spectrum from finding an outfit for a special occasion, to catching up with the latest trends, to a total wardrobe revamp, they seem to be willing to assist you no matter what your needs are. It’s as simple as filling out the form on the following page and specifying which Nordstrom store you’d prefer your appointment take place. Within a few hours, I was contacted by a Customer Relationship Manager, who asked me to answer a few additional questions in order to pair me up with the right stylist.

  • What occasion(s) are you shopping for: career, weekend, travel?
  • What are some of your favorite brands and stores to shop in?
  • What date and time would you like your appointment?
  • Are you comfortable with working with a male stylist?
I'm probably due for a good re-styling

I’m probably due for a good re-styling

I responded with answers to those questions (and those answers were: looking for clothes in the style I prefer, Orvis, Barbour, Filson, Lands’ End, soon, and yes I am, respectively), as well as additional information about the fact that I’m a big guy.

Tip: Save yourself a lot of trouble and spell out the fact that you’re going to need “non-traditional” sizes. This will speed things up, and ensures that any place you’re considering visiting actually carries clothes in your size. If they don’t – no big deal. You just saved yourself from wasting time going to a shop that doesn’t cater to you.

I quickly received an email response (you can choose phone or email as preferred method of contact) telling me that my new Nordstrom Personal Stylist would be Ephraim. Ephraim reached out with a very friendly email – telling me that he already had some ideas for specific looks based on my preferences, and best of all, that though finding clothing in my size would be more challenging, it wouldn’t be impossible. He gave me his schedule, and asked me for my availability.

Meeting My Nordstrom Personal Stylist

And…that’s where we’re at as of today. This week, I’ll be meeting with my stylist to continue the process. Up to now, it’s been nothing but positive, and I expect more of the same when I meet Ephraim in person. Look for my follow up article early next week. Interested in finding your own stylist? Click here to get started.

Have you worked with a Nordstrom Personal Stylist? Share your experience (and tell us what to expect) in the comments below. 


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    Jordan Picker
    Jordan Picker 5pts

    Got that undercut. I like it, but my hair needs to grow a lil bit more.

    Flor Bigatti
    Flor Bigatti 5pts

    who cares what other people think you can "pull off". I think this man looks great and he should feel so too

    Lour Darden
    Lour Darden 5pts

    Soooo cute he looks like that mad baby

    Chubstr 5pts

    Jordan Picker - if you do, send us a photo!

    Jordan Picker
    Jordan Picker 5pts

    Grew mine out long, I'm going in today to get it cut, maybe I'll get an undercut today. Good article.

    Brittny Peloquin
    Brittny Peloquin 5pts

    Melissa, great question! It's a haircut with short sides and longer lengths on top. Lots of info in the article!

    Chubstr 5pts

    Thanks for sharing, Kasi!

    Kimmee Reynolds
    Kimmee Reynolds 5pts

    Any man can do the undercut... If they like it who gives a rats behind what anyone else thinks. SOCIETY... just stop now.

    Jei Strong
    Jei Strong 5pts

    Alex Arnold \U0001f60d\U0001f60d\U0001f60d Look its so fluffy

    Dandy Mott
    Dandy Mott 5pts

    Whoever your model is, is gorgeous! he looks great!

    Anaka Prado
    Anaka Prado 5pts

    Yes! So dapper! \U0001f60d\U0001f60d

    Markasaurus Rex
    Markasaurus Rex 5pts

    Thanks for this. I've been debating doing one, but worried that it wouldn't look right

    Shannon Clemons
    Shannon Clemons 5pts

    He can pull off the undercut, the suspenders, and the horizontal stripes!

    Karye Ann
    Karye Ann 5pts

    Ummm YES! My husband does it with style and sexy flair. right Roman? Makes my heart swoon.

    Elisa Jean
    Elisa Jean 5pts

    Adding... the LA hairstylist who's quoted in the article saying "hair styles don't have a weight limit" - love him! I wish he'd speak to more women's stylists. How many times have I been told by stylists, and read about other fat women being told, "short hair doesn't look good on a 'round face.'" AKA, stylist code for "you're too fat for short hair." This kind of b.s. needs to stop, which is why I wish more stylists had the attitude of the guy quoted here.