Clothing for the short & thick

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Christina asked:

I’m writing in for my boyfriend, Caleb. He is on the shorter side at 5’6″ and he wears a 38W/shortest available length in pants. For dress shirts, he doesn’t even know what size he would wear, as any shirt that fits his thick neck is clownishly huge everywhere else. This is a problem, as he works in a professional environment.

My question is, do you know of any resources for short-and-chubby guys? The Big and Tall section usually fails us. Is custom tailoring the only option for all the hobbit-like dudes out there?

I feel Caleb’s pain as I’m a short and stocky guy myself. Custom tailoring requires more work, but it’s almost always worth it. If you’re looking for shirts,Paul Fredrick Oxford Dress Shirt pants, or suits, consider stores like Paul FredrickModern Tailor, or Indochino. Ordering online can usually help you find items in the specific size you’re looking for. Some sites, like DestinationXL let you create a profile with your exact sizes, so you have the option of searching by your size only. That has come in handy for me when I’m searching for clothing that fits me exactly.

As far as searching locally, focus on big & tall stores – many of them have a range of sizes and lengths to suit men of many sizes. I’d recommend staying away from the mall – in my experience, sizes normally end around XL or XXL – if you need larger sizes, stick with online shopping.

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    Jordan Picker
    Jordan Picker 5pts

    Got that undercut. I like it, but my hair needs to grow a lil bit more.

    Flor Bigatti
    Flor Bigatti 5pts

    who cares what other people think you can "pull off". I think this man looks great and he should feel so too

    Lour Darden
    Lour Darden 5pts

    Soooo cute he looks like that mad baby

    Chubstr 5pts

    Jordan Picker - if you do, send us a photo!

    Jordan Picker
    Jordan Picker 5pts

    Grew mine out long, I'm going in today to get it cut, maybe I'll get an undercut today. Good article.

    Brittny Peloquin
    Brittny Peloquin 5pts

    Melissa, great question! It's a haircut with short sides and longer lengths on top. Lots of info in the article!

    Chubstr 5pts

    Thanks for sharing, Kasi!

    Kimmee Reynolds
    Kimmee Reynolds 5pts

    Any man can do the undercut... If they like it who gives a rats behind what anyone else thinks. SOCIETY... just stop now.

    Jei Strong
    Jei Strong 5pts

    Alex Arnold \U0001f60d\U0001f60d\U0001f60d Look its so fluffy

    Dandy Mott
    Dandy Mott 5pts

    Whoever your model is, is gorgeous! he looks great!

    Anaka Prado
    Anaka Prado 5pts

    Yes! So dapper! \U0001f60d\U0001f60d

    Markasaurus Rex
    Markasaurus Rex 5pts

    Thanks for this. I've been debating doing one, but worried that it wouldn't look right

    Shannon Clemons
    Shannon Clemons 5pts

    He can pull off the undercut, the suspenders, and the horizontal stripes!

    Karye Ann
    Karye Ann 5pts

    Ummm YES! My husband does it with style and sexy flair. right Roman? Makes my heart swoon.

    Elisa Jean
    Elisa Jean 5pts

    Adding... the LA hairstylist who's quoted in the article saying "hair styles don't have a weight limit" - love him! I wish he'd speak to more women's stylists. How many times have I been told by stylists, and read about other fat women being told, "short hair doesn't look good on a 'round face.'" AKA, stylist code for "you're too fat for short hair." This kind of b.s. needs to stop, which is why I wish more stylists had the attitude of the guy quoted here.