Grimes - Best of 2012

2012 is officially over, and we’ve got a ton of (hopefully) great new music to look forward to in this new year. Before we get into all of that, we thought we’d take a listen to some of our favorite music from the past year – sharing some of our favorite songs that you might or might not know. You’ll find about 3 hours of songs that sort of run the spectrum, from Jack White, to Yeasayer, to Father John Misty. Of course, there are also some guilty pleasures on the list (this writer can’t get that damned Maroon 5 song out of his head), so you’ll get a bit of everything.

Click play below to listen via Spotify, and get the rest of our playlists there as well.

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    Fatchubstermike 5pts

    Loved the video and us bigmen can do things too U know!! We are sexy...

    Kelly Glover
    Kelly Glover 5pts

    Great! When are you back in LA? Fancy going a date with me? #50fatdates

    Chubstr 5pts

    We'll have to do a follow-up, Kelly ;)

    Kelly Glover
    Kelly Glover 5pts

    Love this interview but where was the 'are you single' question???? #50fatdates Big Curvy Love :) :) :)