PLNDR Outtakes

Did you catch our holiday sale with PLNDR last month? We teamed up to create a curated sale on men’s clothing in sizes XL to 5X, and you guys really seemed to dig it. Putting together the photo shoot to go along with the sale was a lot of fun, and resulted in quite a few outtakes.

An unused shot from the PLNDR Holiday Shoot

Lucky for us, photographer extraordinaire Abbie Rudolph, has the patience of a saint, and got some awesome shots after I was able to pull it together. These are some of the ones we didn’t use for the sale (for obvious reasons), as well as a more straightforward look we weren’t able to include in the sale.

It's Chuckles!

The final PLNDR Holiday Shoot Outtake

Keep an eye on Chubstr for new curated sales and promotions with brands you love in the sizes you need in the very near future.

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    Fatchubstermike 5pts

    Loved the video and us bigmen can do things too U know!! We are sexy...

    Kelly Glover
    Kelly Glover 5pts

    Great! When are you back in LA? Fancy going a date with me? #50fatdates

    Chubstr 5pts

    We'll have to do a follow-up, Kelly ;)

    Kelly Glover
    Kelly Glover 5pts

    Love this interview but where was the 'are you single' question???? #50fatdates Big Curvy Love :) :) :)