“I’ll tell you this – it’s 3000 pages long, everyone you’ve grown to love dies, and something very big is coming. Something very shocking is coming.”
“Is it winter?”
“Yeah – yeah, it’s winter.”

After months of anticipation, Game of Thrones is back! SNL’s Bobby Moynihan took to Weekend Update as GOT author George R.R. Martin to talk about why he’s having such a difficult time finishing the last two books in the series.

Watch the video in all its glory above, and tell us – did you watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones? What did you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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    Shannon Townsend
    Shannon Townsend 5pts

    Owens is fierce as hell. As a devoted WWE fan and network subscriber, I see lots of reasons some of developmental needs to go. #FightOwensFight Kick ass at Summerslam!

    Jesse Buescher
    Jesse Buescher 5pts

    I've had my eyes on him since he was Kevin *Steen.* ;)

    Adam Casciani
    Adam Casciani 5pts

    Nice peice, Kevin Owens has been killing it lately.

    Mandi Wyman
    Mandi Wyman 5pts

    Oh my gosh. Insta-crush. I can't with that smile. Call me! Selke I'll give you credit for fixing us up when we get married.

    Lacey Haden
    Lacey Haden 5pts

    Well Helloooo Kevin Owens. If you are ever in Phoenix look me up! ;)