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Jul 23, 2015
Photo: Ready to Celebrate
Reader Sunny (@Moviewalah) shared this look from a recent night out: When I dressed up to celebrate #jeremylovesjd #dapper #dtla #biltmore #tedbaker #chubstr Share YOUR look with us by tagging it with #chubstr on your favorite social network. We’ll see it and share it with the world. 
Aldo Marcucci
Jul 22, 2015
Photo: Manifestation Of Fashion
Today’s reader photo is a great one from Aldo Marcucci, who says: To me fashion is a happy manifest of your personality and style. It reveals who you are and where you’re going. Show the world your style – share a photo with Chubstr. Tell us who you are, what you’re wearing, and where you...
Streetwear flair
Jul 20, 2015
Photo: Streetwear with Flair
OneNightOut accessorizes his casual streetwear like a boss. Shop the look! FUnicorn t-shirt from Woot (sizes to 3XL) Goorin Bros. hat (sizes to XXL) American Eagle shoes (sizes to 14) Robert Graham leather paisley messenger bag Show the world that big guys have style – share a pic with Chubstr. Add #chubstr to photos on your favorite social...
Off to work with Adam
Jul 14, 2015
Photo: Heading Off To Work
Meet Adam: This is me on the way out the door to work. Wearing H&M pants and light sweater, Levi’s toe and no brand name thrift store button down. Same for the shoes. Thrift store finds that I distressed on my own. My messenger bag is fossil. Share your style with the world – tag...
Meet Aldo
Jul 02, 2015
Photo: Introducing Aldo Marcucci
Hey Chubstr, my name is Aldo Marcucci, I’m a 28 y/o fashion editor & women’s rtw fashion designer born Guatemala living in Tegucigalpa Honduras. Living in Central America has given me a different perspective on fashion, specially plus size menswear which is incredibly hard to find in a third world country; yet I’ve managed myself...
Antonio at NYC Pride 2015
Jun 29, 2015
Photo: Antonio at NYC Pride 2015
Our friend Antonio capped off a historic week by attending New York City Pride sporting the perfect look for summer. Read our recent conversation with him, where we talk about his job as a Broadway costume designer, and big guy style in NYC. Share your style with the world – add #chubstr to your photo on...
Ivan from NYC
Jun 10, 2015
Photo: Ivan in NYC
Here’s a reader photo via Instagram from @ivanthefutureboy, outside Madison Square Garden. Thanks for showing off your NYC (almost) summer style! Share your look with Chubstr – tag your photos with #chubstr on your favorite social network, or send one to us here. Tell us who you are, and what you’re wearing. This helps other guys...
Dane Labelle
Jun 08, 2015
Photo: Dane in Toronto
Today’s reader photo comes to us from Toronto based designer Dane Labelle via Instagram. Click the link to see more of him and his work. Show the world your style – share a photo with us! Tag your photos with #chubstr on your favorite social network, or send it to us directly. Tell us what...
Andrae's first photo
May 30, 2015
Photo: Complete Serendipity
Meet Andrae, a new Chubstr reader: I was on Google looking for images of bigger dudes that were models, and I stumbled across this page. Complete serendipity! Its good to see some big brothas out there reppin fashionable looks and style. We don’t all just wear hula shirts with pineapples on them and plain, horrible...
Stylish in Philly
May 27, 2015
Photo: Making Philly Look Good
Denim Jacket: American Eagle Hawaiian Shirt: Thrift Store Black Skinny Jeans: Hot Topic Shoes: Doc Martens Ahdeem Tinsley, Philadelphia, PA Share your style with the world – send a photo to Chubstr or add #chubstr to your photo on your favorite social network. Tell us who you are, what you’re wearing, and where you picked it up....