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This week from the DXL Blog
Aug 15, 2014
DXL Blog: Hot Weather Fabrics & August Top Picks
It’s a new week, and that means more articles from Destination XL’s blog, the DXL Blog. Each week (or so), we’re bringing you their latest posts in order to keep you up to date on everything else going on in the world of big and tall clothing. Here’s the latest: The Best Hot Weather Fabrics...
Answerland: Big and Tall Vintage
Answerland: Vintage Big & Tall, Chino Shorts & Low-Cost Clothing
Brendo asks: Hey guys. I’m a big guy 23yo 5ft 9/10″ and about 300lbs. I’m looking for a vintage kind of look like the guy you featured on Jul 11 in Vintage Bukowski. Where would I find clothing like this? Online stores would be awesome, or if you have contacts in Australia that would be even...
FILE0005 - Version 2
Jul 31, 2014
Big soap for big guys: Duke Cannon
Rub-a-dub-dub, there’s a big boy in the tub, and if he’s really lucky, Duke Cannon’s there to scrub. Wait, what? Don’t worry, this isn’t the beginning of some blue nursery rhyme, this is the story of the Big Ass Brick of Productivity (BABP) soap from Duke Cannon. Modeled after the rough cut “brick” soap used...
The HeadBlade ATX
Jul 25, 2014
HeadBlade ATX: For all of your terrain
Reinventing the wheel is just not going to happen. Reinventing the razor by adding a couple wheels is something I have seen, but not until now have I had the opportunity to give one a try. The HeadBlade ATX is being touted as an “all terrain” razor, but for this review the only non-facial “terrain”...
Answerland: The suspenders make the man
Jul 18, 2014
Answerland: Dress Shirts, Cuffed Pants & The Bulge
Amy asked (via Facebook): Hello! My Boyfriend is searching for some higher-end plus-size shirts to wear for date nights and special occasions. He likes Robert Graham, which are available in 3x, but are there other similar options out there? Good question Amy! Your Boyfriend has some options. You can check shops like Nordstrom (dress shirts to 20+...
Dreadnought Shaving Products
Jul 12, 2014
DREADNOUGHT Cooling Moisturizer vs California Heat
We’re fans of Dreadnought, the UK brand making some great men’s shaving products. In fact, we’ve reviewed both their Spartan Double Edge Razor and the Shavette Straight Razor in past years. It turns out that the company also makes a variety of skin and hair care products in addition to all of the men’s grooming...
Finding the perfect cut of denim
Jun 24, 2014
JEAN-eology: Finding the Perfect Cut of Big and Tall Denim
We all wear jeans. They are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. From the classic worn pair you’ve had forever, to the new dark wash jeans you only wear for a night out, these simple denim pants are a standard for many occasions. In our ever-changing world, the blue jean of the past has evolved into...
Uniqlo big and tall
Jun 19, 2014
Uniqlo Goes Big and Tall With Sizes to 3XL
In February, Uniqlo, the Japanese casual wear designer, began offering select tops, outerwear, jeans, loungewear, and more in sizes to 3XL and 48 waist via their website, Unlike many other companies, which offer a limited selection of clothing in extended sizes, you’ll find more than 300 items available for purchase on the larger end of...
Answerland: Becoming a Plus Size Model
Jun 14, 2014
Answerland: Getting Into Modeling & More
The All Original asked: Do you know of any Modeling Agencies, or more fashionable clothing lines that actually use Plus Size Male Models, or Big and Tall Male Models on the east coast? There aren’t many modeling agencies for big and tall male models. Sadly, there just aren’t a lot of companies looking for what...
Father's Day Gift Guide
Jun 10, 2014
Ultimate Dad’s Day Gifts. (Ties not included)
Want to disappoint Dad on Father’s Day? Buy him another tie. What he really wants is something cool and unique to show off to his friends and essentially say, “my kid is better than yours”. While we don’t know your Dad personally (or do we?), we pulled together what we consider the ultimate guide to Father’s...