Up Your Shave Game with Kyoku Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer

This is the kind of shave I prefer, but not the kind I always have time for

This is the kind of shave I prefer, but not the kind I always have time for

I don’t do a lot of shaving, but when I do, I usually break out the electric shaver. It’s quick, and it gets the job done. Sure, an electric shave isn’t the closest or most comfortable method of pruning your face (for that, I go to the professionals), but sometimes convenience outweighs comfort. The biggest problem I run into when I shave this way is that it tends to dry out my cheeks – leaving them not looking so great. Somebody needs to make a serum you can put on your face before you break out the electric razor.

It turns out, someone already has.

Kyoku Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer

Kyoku Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer

Kyoku, the men’s skincare and grooming company created their Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer for exactly this reason. According to Kyoku, over 95% of men who shave with an electric razor do it dry. Most of us probably didn’t realize there was another way. How does it work, you ask? Here it is, straight from the source:

Kyoku Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer was specially developed for electric razors and beard trimmers to create the optimum surface for a smoother, more comfortable glide. It lubricates and raises each whisker so you get the closest possible shave, while simultaneously disinfecting your skin to prevent razor bumps and breakouts.

You apply this stuff, allow it a few minutes to dry, and then shave as you normally would. The Optimizer contains coated microparticles that raise your facial hair, making it easier to cut. Like many of the products you’d use for a wet shave, Kyoku Electric Pre-Shave Optimizer reduces redness, irritation, and dryness. Pick up a bottle of the stuff from their website for $9.00.


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