Jim dressed up for dinner

Here’s Jim and a look he wears for a special occasion:

Going out for dinner with friends & family.

What’s He Wearing?

Shirt: Gap
Sweater vest: Chaps (get a sweater in your size at Macy’s)
Pants: Eddie Bauer
Shoes: Lands End Monk Straps

The Shoes, Sweater & Shirt I picked up at thrift stores. The pants I got at eddiebauer.com so I could get the long rise & custom hemming.

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    Andrae Gallardo
    Andrae Gallardo

    Thank you so much my beautiful angel!! Mmmmmuah!! :*

    Ale Gallardo
    Ale Gallardo

    You look amazing my love! :) #ProudOfYouPapito 😘❤️💋

    Andrae Gallardo
    Andrae Gallardo

    So glad I found this website! It's good to see someone finally representin us big brothas! Hopefully, I can come up with some other looks that are worthy of being on the website! Have a great day everyone! Be blessed! :D