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Guys tend to put their lives in their wallet, and before you know it, it’s full of things you don’t really need (and you’ve got a giant bulge in your back pocket). Here are a few options to help you get rid of the bulge and still carry what’s important.

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If you don’t want to purchase something, consider some common sense tips, such as putting your wallet in a different pocket (preferably one not situated over your ass), or do something really crazy, like cleaning out your wallet. I’ve done this recently, and I can tell you, it makes all the difference in the world.

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Ok, I'll be the one to say it.

For $245, I could dress myself for a week.


Hello! Nice post.

Please do more articles like this one ;)

Hugs from Spain!

Chubstr moderator

@thegrunter While that may be true, not everyone wants to wear $10 jeans. Since there's a market for high end menswear in extended sizes, it's good to see designers creating options for those people who want it.