INDi had a plus size male model!The perfect pair of jeans. If you’re a man of thicker stature, finding a pair of jeans that fits well can be nearly impossible, especially off the rack. Most jeans are made with a specific body style in mind, so if your proportions are unique (if you have linebacker thighs like me, for example), you can’t always wear the styles you like. It’s a pain.

Enter INDi. Here’s a company that understands that no two bodies are the same and puts you in charge of creating a custom pair of jeans that fits you and only you. Whether you’re short, round, skinny, tall, or uniquely proportioned, INDi has a style that doesn’t just look good on you, but fits you the way jeans are supposed to.

Their website makes it simple for you to find and create a pair that you’ll love. How dedicated are they to offering jeans for every body style? The gent you see in this article is a model from INDi and is featured on the site, which is something you never see on mainstream apparel websites.

Choose Your Style

Choose the style of jean you like (or if you can’t decide, browse their Style Gallery for inspiration), and start customizing. I chose the Potrero Classic Straight 5 Pocket Jean, myself. Once you’ve chosen the style you like, you can pick the fabric/finish, stitching, fly, pocket shape, and more.

Getting the Perfect Fit

The look of your new jeans is taken care of, but what about the fit? INDi gets in-depth in order to create the perfect pair of jeans by asking you for information on your shape. You can supply information on the shape of your seat and your thighs – even your age and ethnicity – optionally, of course. When it comes to measurements, you’ll give them your height, weight, waist size, inseam, and shoe size using a slider system. The system can fit a 7’5, 350 lb man with a 46 waist, and a 40 inseam, so you’ll most likely be able to get a pair of jeans that fit.

INDI Jeans fit a variety of body types

Once you get through the customization process, you’re done. Review your handiwork, pay for your jeans, and they’re submitted to INDi’s data center, where the magic happens. What magic, you ask? We’ll let them explain it:

[quote]In our data center your fit profile is sent through our neural network where we use our extensive data bank of thousands of body scans to calculate your key body proportions. From there, INDi systems plug your clothing style choices and calculated body proportions into what we call our sizing algorithm (think geometry, statistics, and software engineering), and voila, your custom, one-of-a-kind pattern is born. Your unique jean pattern is then digitally sent to our manufacturing facility for cutting, sewing, washing, and shipping. This all takes less than 5 minutes.[/quote]

Ah, technology! And this is how you can get jeans that look great and fit you perfectly. Once your order is finished, they save your unique pattern for life, so you can easily re-order whenever you want to. INDi jeans start at $175.

[box type="note" border="full" icon="none"]In honor of Chubstr’s first anniversary, INDi is giving you 30% off your order when you enter the code CHUBSTR at checkout![/box]


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The slim fit jeans were great, at a 46x32 they're a bit long for me, but bunch nicely or can be rolled. And they're not baggy enough that I end up stepping on the cuffs. And now I can ride my bike without having to roll my jeans up past my knees. I ordered two pair in my initial order and just went back and ordered three more, these are going to completely replace my Levis. (They stopped stocking slimmer fits in big sizes about a year ago it seems.)

The shirts were pretty much a complete bust for me, though. I generally wear a 2XLT, and they didn't have any of their shirts available in Tall. Besides that, the 2XL shirts (short sleeve button up and T-Shirts) seem to run a bit small, none of them worked for me length wise or tightness wise. I just ordered some 3XLs with the jeans and we'll see how those work out.

I did notice this shopping round that a lot of items were out of stock or showing low stock. Hopefully this means that they're seeing good demand? I'll shoot some pictures over once the next shipment comes in.


Well, I'll definitely follow up once the order comes in, but the selection was phenomenal. Just place the biggest clothing order I think I've ever placed online... So much good stuff!

Chubstr moderator

@Gimpson That's great! Please do let us know what you think of their clothing, and how it fits. We'd love to see photos and share them with our readers!