Ben's Geared Up for a Rainy Day

Here’s how to dress for rainy weather

Nehafindinglightness asked: My brother needs to dress for a cocktail party. What’s a good look for a guy who is 6’2″ and wears 4-5XL, with most of the weight in his middle?

Thanks for the question! Since a cocktail party is (usually) a semi-formal affair, your brother would probably do well with a suit and tie. If the suit fits well, it can look great. I’d recommend he go with a company that’s a bit more stylish and able to create clothing in any size, such as Indochino or Black Lapel. They do suits, jackets, shirts, pants, and accessories that are appropriate for a variety of situations, formal or not. Both sites make it easy to enter your measurements and order what you want, and the prices for what they’re offering are great.

Mrfaz29 asked: Just moved to Seattle from Texas and looking to get ready for the rain. Where can I look to find the basics in bigger sizes? I wear a 3X or 4X depending on the item. I should also mention that I just started grad school so I’m on a bit of a budget. Thanks.

Congrats on the move. While we haven’t had a lot of luck finding unique shops in Seattle that offer sizes above L, some of the usual suspects, like Gap and Eddie Bauer might have what you’re looking for. I’ve been on an Eddie Bauer kick lately, so I’d recommend you stop there (and we’re about the same size). They have clothing to sizes 3X and 48 waist, so there’s sure to be something that’ll work for you.

If you’re more into the workwear sort of look, try Whistle Workwear – they’ve got a ton of locations in your area, plus an online store. Best of all, they regularly carry big and tall sizes in brands like Carhartt, Timberland, Filson, and more. I’d recommend you hit the store before shopping online.

Also, remember that you can always head to the internet to find clothes you like in your size (that don’t cost a lot of money). Browse Chubstr’s shop section for a ton of options from a variety of stores.

Chinos from Northern Threads

Levi’s Chinos from Northern Threads

And Finally: Where would a chubb find red or mustard colored chinos or slim /skinny fit jeans in sizes 44, 46 or 48?

I’d try MR. PORTER or Charles Tyrwhitt (10% off w/ CTSAVE at checkout) for red chinos in those sizes, or Brooks Brothers for a red or yellow, though it’s less a mustard and more baby chick.

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The slim fit jeans were great, at a 46x32 they're a bit long for me, but bunch nicely or can be rolled. And they're not baggy enough that I end up stepping on the cuffs. And now I can ride my bike without having to roll my jeans up past my knees. I ordered two pair in my initial order and just went back and ordered three more, these are going to completely replace my Levis. (They stopped stocking slimmer fits in big sizes about a year ago it seems.)

The shirts were pretty much a complete bust for me, though. I generally wear a 2XLT, and they didn't have any of their shirts available in Tall. Besides that, the 2XL shirts (short sleeve button up and T-Shirts) seem to run a bit small, none of them worked for me length wise or tightness wise. I just ordered some 3XLs with the jeans and we'll see how those work out.

I did notice this shopping round that a lot of items were out of stock or showing low stock. Hopefully this means that they're seeing good demand? I'll shoot some pictures over once the next shipment comes in.


Well, I'll definitely follow up once the order comes in, but the selection was phenomenal. Just place the biggest clothing order I think I've ever placed online... So much good stuff!

Chubstr moderator

@Gimpson That's great! Please do let us know what you think of their clothing, and how it fits. We'd love to see photos and share them with our readers!