Levi's Spring Sale

The Levi’s spring sale is on at Amazon.com, and you can get jeans in the styles you’re looking for without spending a lot of money. You’ll find 40 men’s styles to choose from in a variety of sizes, including Levi’s big & tall jeans. Click the Big & tall box on the left side of the page to view only jeans in sizes above 40. After a quick search, I found jeans in sizes to 60 available on the site. My personal recommendation is the 569 – they’re great if you’ve got large thighs.

Prices start at $30, so take a look while the sale is on (there’s no stated end date on the site, but we’ll update as we find out) and pick up some new Levi’s in your size and style.

Levi's Big & Tall Jeans

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