Find Clothes That Fit With True Fit

It can be hard enough to find clothes that fit properly when you shop in physical stores; add online shopping to the equation and it can be downright impossible to get a good fit.  And let’s face it, most size charts are nothing more than an educated guess. When one of the key components to completing your style is ensuring a good fit, having reliable tools to help get that great fit is essential.

Enter: My True Fit  

My True Fit is a startup based around TrueFit Technology. The TrueFit Technology boasts the ability to match online shoppers with clothes and shoes that match their style and unique body types.

My True Fit is available for both men and women and in fact, the site itself offers a limited variety of clothes from brands like Levi’s, American Eagle, and the Gap. The basic principle of True Fit is fairly simple: sign up, provide some personal information and start shopping. Once you begin shopping, My True Fit will offer suggestions based on the information you provided. It will tell you which items would be a “good fit” for you and your body type and when they wouldn’t.

The site boasts that it only takes “4 quick steps” to get started, we thought we’d take a closer look. The first steps are your basic, run-of-the-mill profile creation steps. Once you’ve selected your gender, the True Fit process begins with getting a feel for what’s already in your closet. You’ll be asked to select a brand or two and select the size in those brands that you know fit you. You’ll do this for tops and for bottoms.







Once you’ve given True Fit a few examples of what your closet looks like, you’ll move into the truly unique portion of this process. True Fit’s claims to match you with clothes that really fit, at first glance, seems a little out of this world. But once we went through this second part of the process we’ve become believers. This section will ask you to provide detailed information about your body shape and type. Check out the slides below to see each step.

Choose Your Shoulder Size

Start with your upper body. To ensure a good fit across your back and shoulders, TrueFit provides three shoulder types for you to choose from—Narrow, Average, and Broad.

Belly Shape and Size

Next, TrueFit moves to your middle and offers four options to choose from—Flat, Average, Round and High, and Round and Low.

Choose Your Rear Size

Up next is your posterior. You'll find four options here—Flat, Average, Medium, and Full. Once again, get as close to your shape as you can as this metric will help keep your pants on.


Choose Your Thigh Size

There's nothing worse than finding a great pair of jeans with just the right waist measurement, only to find they don't quite fit around your thighs. Here select from four options—Slim, Average, Full, and Muscular.


Choose Your Foot Width

Ill-fitting shoes can cause a world of pain when you have to wear them all day. TrueFit gives you three options to choose from when selecting your foot size—Narrow, Average, and Wide.


Choose Your Arch Type

Worse than ill-fitting shoes are ill-fitting shoes that don't have the proper arch support. So TrueFit offers three options for you when selecting your arch type—Flat, Average, and High.


Once you make it through that process, you’re nearly homefree. The final step of the True Fit process asks for your height, weight and age as well as your name and email address. This effectively creates your TrueFit profile and now it’s time to shop!

When you shop with TrueFit, each item you browse will have a TrueFit rating (see photo to the left) to let you know how well it will likely fit your body type. The higher the rating, the better the likely fit.

Currently, the TrueFit Technology is only available for men’s clothes on the True Fit website, but the company has partnered with Macy’s online and is available for use in the women’s denim department. No word on when the technology will make it’s way into the men’s department or other stores, but we’d like to think it will be sooner rather than later.

While we haven’t put True Fit Technology to the test yet, we’re pretty impressed with the process and it certainly seems to be a promising tool that could take some of the risk out of shopping online. What do you think? Will True Fit revolutionize your online shopping experience—is it something you think you’d use on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook page.

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